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Sometimes a horse just isn't good enough. Too simple, too basic — too common. For all you true Minecraft: Pocket Edition connoisseurs, the 0.15.0 Update adds something much more ridiculous to mount. Yes, Minecrafters on iOS and Android can finally ride pigs into battle. These unruly creatures don't take orders very well, so it takes a special item and plenty of patience to go for a ride with a pig. Learn all the steps required with the tips and tricks below.

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Pigs are a totally passive mob that most players would rather eat than ride. Just like horses, cows or sheep, pigs can breed if you feed them the right food — in this instance, you'll need to feed pigs carrots to activate ‘Love Mode'. Just remember that adult pigs need five minutes of rest between ‘Love Mode' sessions. Gross.

Before we continue, let's just make this clear; pigs are not an ideal mount. They're not fast, they're not easy to control, they can't wear armor or chests, and they are jerks. No getting around it. Riding pigs is for fun, and won't be useful in the long run. Okay, warning concluded, now let's get on to the good stuff.

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How to Ride (And Control!) Pigs

Yes, you can ride pigs. No, it isn't easy. If you've got a mind to ride some pigs and don't care about the consequences, then we've got some tips for you. Okay, for starters…

Where to Find Pigs:Pigs spawn on grass blocks in every biome (that features grass blocks) and are found basically everywhere. Herds spawn with the player when a new world is generated.

Now that you've found a pig, it's probably a good idea to lure them into a pen or fenced in area for safekeeping. You don't want your fresh food source to go wandering away and fall into a pit of lava, do you? Lure pigs with carrots, beetroot or potatoes — they'll follow food. In fact, food is -all- they follow. Learn more about that a few tips down.

Saddles – Where to Get and How to Use

To ride a pig, you're going to need a saddle. These items cannot be crafted, so you're going to have to start exploring, hoping, and praying that any generated structures spawn a chest containing this rare item. Here are all the places you'll want to look for saddles;

Village ChestsStronghold ChestsDungeon ChestsNether Fortress Chest


A rare treasure item Fishing reward.

If you're lucky enough to find a saddle, it's time to start pig-riding. Here's how to equip a saddle on a pig:

Approach a pig with the saddle in-handLook at the pig and tap ‘Saddle'The pig is now saddled!

Now just tap ‘Ride' to mount the pig! You'll find that the pig… won't do anything. It just wanders around aimlessly, ignoring your input completely.

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Let's change that.

Carrot-on-a-Stick – How to Craft

Pigs can't be tamed, and they won't listen to instruction, even with the saddle in-place. If you're hungry to change that and gain control over the wild kingdom, there's one item you're going to need; the Carrot-on-a-Stick.

Before going on, let's learn how to craft a Carrot-on-a-Stick.

Carrot-on-a-Stick:FR = Fishing RodCA = Gold IngotXX = Empty SpaceXX – XX – XXFR – XX – XXXX – CA – XX

-That's how you create a Carrot-on-a-Stick, and here's how to create the Fishing Rod you need.-

Fishing Rod (Carrot-on-a-Stick-Component:ST = StickSR = StringXX = Empty SpaceXX – XX – STXX – ST – SRST – XX – SR

Now that you've got the Carrot-on-a-Stick, it's now possible to control a pig-mount!

How to Control Your Pig-Rides

Place the Carrot-on-a-Stick in your inventory and prepare for a wild pig ride. Go find your pig and follow these instructions to get started.

Approach a pig (equipped with a saddle)Tap ‘Ride' to mount the pigHold the Carrot-on-a-StickThe pig will now move in any direction the Carrot-on-a-Stick is facing.Tap the new ‘Boost' command for a jolt of extra speed.Enjoy your new ride!

Yep, pigs can boost. There's one last fact you'll need to know before we leave; the carrot-on-a-stick has durability. Using it to lead a pig slowly depletes the stick until it breaks, forcing you to craft or equip another to keep the pig rides going. It's a huge annoyance, and one of the major reasons why you'll want to tame a horse before making pigs your primary travelling companion.

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Either way, enjoy your pig! And when you're done, light the pig on fire for 1-3 cooked porkchops.

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