Sprinting is a technique of transport that enables the player to relocate faster, at the cost of depleting saturation. While sprinting, the player"s area of vision broadens slightly. Players also inflict more knockearlier on the first hit once sprinting.

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To sprint, the player deserve to press sprint while moving, or double tap forward. The player cannot sprint if their hunger bar is at 6 (

) or below.

Mobs that deserve to sprint:



Sprinting allows the player to move at around 5.612 meters/second, which is 30 percent much faster than the normal walking rate of approximately 4.317 m/s, jumping while sprinting permits the player to relocate via the rate of about 7.143 m/s. The player deserve to turn while sprinting, causing slightly diminished speed. Sprinting also increases the rate of flying in Creative mode, and also the speed of swimming. Although "sprinting" while installed on a minecart, watercraft, horse, pig, or strider boosts the field of vision favor actual sprinting, it does not boost the entity"s rate. However, one have the right to accelerate a pig by holding a Carrot on a Stick, or a strider by holding a Warped Fungus on a Stick, and pressing use item.

While sprinting, it is feasible to jump across as much as 4 blocks horizontally,<1> rather of the usual two blocks, although sprinting does not reason the player to jump greater.

Sprinting reduces the player"s saturation. When saturation reaches zero, the hunger bar depletes at a rate of 1⁄2 eexceptionally 40 meters, or 7 seconds.

Sprinting produces pwrite-ups at the player"s feet matching to the block type they are running on. Also, as soon as a player attacks any type of mob (excluding squid and also iron golems) while sprinting, the mob suffers a larger knockago than usual. Sprinting and holding dvery own jump at the same time is typically quicker, yet actually becomes slower when under the effect of a rate potion of level II or better.

Sprinting ends once the player collides through a solid block, sneaks, blocks or attacks a mob. If none of these take place, the player automatically stops sprinting after 30 secs. Sprinting also ends if the hunger bar reduces to 6 (

) or less.

Sprinting paprovides when the player eats food or drinks potions, yet pressing sprint while eating food or potions does not begin sprinting.


Note: Sprint secrets were added in Java Edition 1.7.2. Also, the video does not mention that sprinting automatically stops after 30 secs.
Java Edition BetaAugust 28, 2011September 2, 20111.8Pre-releaseJava Edition1.513w05b1.7.213w36a1.814w34d1.1318w07a1.14.2Pre-Release 21.1519w41aPocket Edition Alphav0.12.1build 1Bedrock Edition1.4.0beta Consingle EditionTU5CU1 1.0 Patch 1
Sprinting was first pointed out during PAX 2011. The sprinting mechanic would expand the combat system and also boost player mobility.
Jeb uploaded a video clip featuring the difference between sprinting and also regular walking.
Added sprinting.

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Stairs no much longer prevent sprinting.
Added "Sprint" switch, defaulting to Left Ctrl.
Added the capacity to "sprint" in minecarts, boats and also steeds. This changes just FOV and also does not increase speed.
Sprinting now increases flying.
The player can now sprint while swimming. Doing so provides the player"s hitbox smaller sized, permitting them to fit right into 1 block gaps. It likewise greatly increases the player"s swimming rate.
Sprinting currently paoffers once the player is having actually food or potions, however pressing sprint while having actually food or potions does not start sprinting.
Sprint inputs can currently be switched between Hold and Toggle mode in the Accessibility Options.
Added sprinting.
The player have the right to currently sprint while swimming. Doing so reasons the player to dive down to the lowest suggest of the water pool. It also significantly rises the player"s swimming rate.
The player deserve to now fit into 1 block gaps as soon as sprint-swimming.
Added sprinting.


Issues relating to "Sprinting" are kept on the bug tracker. Report worries tright here.

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Sprinting and jumping while under a 2-block high ceiling reasons a player to move at a speed virtually twice as quick as constant sprinting rate, but it consumes a hunger point eexceptionally second. It is additionally possible to jump 5 blocks when jumping out of the 2-block high ceiling.A equivalent effect occurs if the player sprints and rapidly hits jump at the exact same time on a collection of stairs.


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