How Do You Unlike A Post On Facebook ? Here Is How You Can Unlike Them Quickly

I was, too. Remember back in 2009 when scrolling through your Facebook feed and liking every page that even semi-applied to you was a thing?

Unfortunately, I can’t forget.

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Today, all of those “liked” Facebook pages come back to haunt me, littering my Facebook feed with memes and click-bait articles, all because 14-year-old Claire wanted to like the Facebook page for every individual Glee character. Luckily, unliking those pages on Facebook was a breeze.

Open Facebook, log in to your account, and navigate to your profileClick on the “More” tab and select “Likes” from the drop-down menuFind the Facebook page you want to unlikeClick the page”s drop-down menu that says “Liked” and select “Unlike”

Causes and companies all over the world use their Facebook business page as a key component of a broader social media marketing strategy. For consumers, liking Facebook pages for causes, bands, or anything else you’re passionate about is an easy and effective way to stay up-to-date on their latest news and events.

However, liking too many pages will clutter your newsfeed (take it from somebody who knows) and make it harder to keep track of your family, friends, and all of the other updates you actually care about.

TIP:If you don”t know where to start, look back at your Activity Log to find pages you engaged with a long time ago and no longer wish to follow.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to unlike pages on Facebook and clean up your newsfeed. There are two separate ways, depending on whether you want to unlike a single page or multiple at a time – we’re covering both!

Let’s get started.

How to unlike pages on Facebook

Maybe, you’ve reached Facebook’s limit of 5,000 pages liked and you’re ready to scale back. Maybe, like me, you liked silly pages in the past and you no longer relate. Either way, you’re ready to unlike pages on Facebook and take control of your newsfeed. First, we’ll cover how to unlike multiple pages at once.

How to unlike multiple pages on Facebook

If you know your feed is too cluttered and you’re ready to do some cleaning, unliking multiple Facebook pages at once is the way to go. This method is easy and efficient.

1. Open the Facebook homepage and log in to your account. When you’re logged in, navigate to your own profile by clicking the small button in the top right corner that has your name and profile picture.

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2. Across the top of your profile, you’ll see six tabs: Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, Archive, and More. Click on More. This will open a drop-down menu. From that menu, select “Likes”.


3. Clicking on “Likes” will pull up a page that shows you all of the Facebook pages you’ve liked in the past. You can pull up particular categories of pages you’ve liked by selecting one of the tabs on the top (Movies TV Shows, Music, Books, Sports Teams, Athletes, People, Restaurants, or Apps and Games), or, stay on the All Likes tab to see them all in one place.


4. From here, you can scroll through the Facebook pages you’ve liked and start unliking the pages you no longer want to follow. To do this, find the page you’re looking for, click the drop-down menu that says “Liked,” and select “Unlike.” Easy as that! Repeat this step until you’ve unliked all of the pages you’ve wanted to.


How to unlike a single Facebook page

Say you come across a page in your feed and you realize you’re no longer interested in seeing its constant updates. No problem! Unliking a single Facebook page is simple.

1. First, wait until you come across a page that you want to unlike when scrolling through your Facebook feed.


2. Hover your mouse over the page name. This will open a pop-up that offers additional information about the page. At the bottom of this popup, there will be two buttons that say “Liked” and “Following”.


3. To unlike the page, click the “Liked” button. You will no longer appear like or follow the page. However, you can also opt to simply unfollow the page, which means you’ll still “like” it, but you won’t receive its updates or posts in your newsfeed.

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If your purpose behind unliking pages is that you’re nearing Facebook’s 5,000-page limit, then you’ll most likely want to unlike the page altogether. However, if you just want to declutter your newsfeed, but still remain a fan of the page, unfollowing may be a better option for you!


4. You’ll know that you successfully unliked the Facebook page if the bottom two buttons that said “Liked” and “Following” switch to two buttons that say “Like” and “Follow.” If you see that change, then you were successful!


Continue clearing away clutter on Facebook

Congratulations! You’ve successfully unliked Facebook pages. This will clear away some clutter and make way for all of the Facebook 3D photos of puppies (you know, the content we actually crave).

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