how do you use a stonecutter in minecraft

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It can still be obtained using third-party software. However, this can cause unexpected behavior such as bugs and crashes.




Yes (64)


Blast resistance










Catches fire from lava


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Obtaining < edit>

Stonecutters are available in the creative inventory‌, by pick blocking an existing stonecutter in the world, or third-party software.

Breaking < edit>

An old stonecutter requires a pickaxe to be mined, in which case it drops itself. If mined without a pickaxe, then the mining is slower and it drops nothing.

Block Stonecutter Hardness 3.5 Tool Breaking time[A] Default 17.5 Wooden 2.65 Stone 1.35 Iron 0.9 Diamond 0.7 Netherite 0.6 Golden 0.45
↑ Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.

Usage < edit>

Stonecutters can be used only for decoration.

Data values < edit>

ID < edit>

NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID FormTranslation key Stonecutterstonecutter245Block &

History < edit>

Pocket Edition Alpha v0.6.0


Added stonecutters. The stonecutter uses the Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS) crafting system, the same system used by the crafting table.The stonecutter”s crafting recipe is four cobblestone in 2×2 square.
The stonecutter is used to craft every stone-type block in Pocket Edition, except itself, furnaces, tools and mineral blocks. Blocks crafted using the stonecutter (note: contains blocks introduced after v0.6.0)
Granite Polished Granite Andesite Polished Andesite Diorite Polished Diorite Mossy Cobblestone Cobblestone Wall Mossy Cobblestone Wall Stone Slab Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone Stairs Stone Bricks Mossy Stone Bricks Chiseled Stone Bricks Stone Brick Slab Stone Brick Stairs Enchantment Table Sandstone Smooth Sandstone Chiseled Sandstone Sandstone Slab Sandstone Stairs Bricks Brick Slab Brick Stairs Nether Bricks Nether Brick Stairs Nether Brick Slab Nether Brick Fence Block of Quartz Pillar Quartz Block Chiseled Quartz Block Quartz Slab Quartz Stairs

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?Corrected name from< to Stonecutter. v0.9.0build 1The layout of the stonecutter interface has now been reorganized. v0.13.0build 1All items are now crafted via crafting tables. As a result, the stonecutter has now been made unobtainable in survival and is now only used for decorative purposes. Bedrock Edition 1.10.0beta


There are two stonecutters in the creative inventory, the old stonecutter and the new stonecutter, if experimental gameplay is on. With experimental gameplay enabled, searching for “stonecutter” using /give will now show the new stonecutter and the old stonecutter, named “Stonecutter” and “Stonecutter (old)” respectively. 1.11.0?Stonecutters have now been removed from the creative inventory and commands. New Nintendo 3DS Edition 0.1.0


Added stonecutters. Stonecutters are only used for decorative purposes.

Issues < edit>

Issues relating to “Stonecutter” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

Trivia < edit>

The stonecutter was originally added to Pocket Edition due to a lack of space in the Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS) crafting screen, prior to the redesign in v0.9.0 alpha. The stonecutter has never been usable in New Nintendo 3DS Edition, as its first version was based on Pocket Edition v0.15.4 alpha, two major releases after the removal of the stonecutter”s functionality. The new stonecutter can be considered a revamped version of this block, because it has similar functionality to this one.

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