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A creeper with a Name Tag, recalled to "Steve." Mojang

Naming an NPC likewise makes it so they"ll never degenerate. This suggests that if you rename a random zombie in a cave, for circumstances, that zombie will certainly remain tright here forever before, also if you leave and never come back. However before, recalled NPCs can still die, at which allude you"ll lose the Name Tag.

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Eextremely NPC deserve to be renamed other than for the Ender Dragon. You can"t rename other players.

Unprefer a lot of things in "Minecraft," you can not actually craft a Name Tag. You"ll need to uncover or trade for this one. This deserve to take awhile if you do not know where to look.

Fortunately, there"s a couple of reliable locations to loot a Tag, one surefire way to profession for them, and also even a technique including fishing — although you"ll need to be lucky.

How to uncover a Name Tag in "Minecraft"

Here"s 3 various methods you acquire a Name Tag.

Finding Name Tags

Treacertain chests

In both the "Java" and "Bedrock" editions of Minecraft, you deserve to loot chests for a Name Tag in the Dungeon, Mineshaft, or Woodland also Mansion frameworks, which will certainly all spawn in your world.

You have about a 30 to 40 percent chance of finding a Name Tag in the chests at any kind of one of these places.

Certain areas in "Minecraft" will come with treasure chests, full of random items. Emma Witman/Insider

In "Bedrock," the console-friendly variation of Minecraft, Name Tags have the right to also be uncovered in a "buried treasure" chest with a comparable price of success. Buried treacertain can be discovered with treasure maps, which themselves deserve to be uncovered in underwater shipwrecks.


If trekking and also searching for treasure chests isn"t appealing, and also you have a fishing rod in your inventory, you have the right to likewise find the closest fishing spot and also actors your reel. You deserve to fish in any kind of body of standing water, even if it"s not connected to a river or ocean.

However the chances of acquiring treacertain, a lot much less a Name Tag, are slim. There"s a 5 percent chance of catching treasure, and also only a 0.8 percent possibility of obtaining a Name Tag.


Rain will make fishing go quicker, yet won"t enhance your luck. Emma Witman/Insider

One way to improve your odds: Use an Enchanted Book on your fishing pole with an anvil to give the tool the "Luck of the Sea" fishing enchantment, which ups your opportunities at recording treacertain.

Trade via a Master Librarian

If emeralds are burning a hole in your online pocket, your finest bet is trading them via a Librarian, who have the right to be discovered in villages, for a Name Tag.

Keep trading until the Librarian reaches "Master" status, and also you"ll then be able to profession 19 or 20 emeralds for a Name Tag.


As you trade, the tradesperson"s endure bar will certainly rise and also once the bar is filled, they"ll level up. Emma Witman/Insider

How to usage your Name Tag in "Minecraft"

Giving the Name Tag a name

Before you deserve to asauthorize a name to a mob creature, you have to create the name you want onto the Name Tag. Luckily, you can do this with a straightforward anvil.

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Fast note: You deserve to find anvils in most villages, or craft one. The crafting recipe is three iron blocks in the peak row, one iron ingained in the center of the middle row, and 3 iron ingots in the bottom row.

1. Place your anvil and also use it, which will open a food selection.

2. Dragyour Name Tag right into among the left 2 slots near the top, and type in its new name in the text box at the peak.

3. When you"re prepared, drag the completed Name Tag on the right earlier into your inventory.

Preparing a Name Tag will certainly take one experience level. Emma Witman/Insider

Naming a Name Tag will certainly price one endure level. If you don"t have enough suffer, go out and also kill mobs till you level up.

Use the Name Tag on an NPC

You"re now all set to usage the Name Tag to rename an NCOMPUTER.

1. Find the NCOMPUTER you desire to rename. Aobtain, this deserve to be any type of NCOMPUTER other than for the Ender Dragon.

2. Placed the Name Tag into among your inventory"s nine hotbar slots and also host it.

Hold the Name Tag and usage it on the NCOMPUTER you desire. Emma Witman/Insider

3. Use the Name Tag on the NPC. This will certainly default to double-clicking on a mouse, or the left create on a controller.

Your Name Tag will certainly disappear, and a name will certainly show up above the NPC"s head.

Although a creature will not degenerate anyeven more once provided a Name Tag, they can still be killed. Once a recalled NPC dies, their name will certainly disappear.

If you"re not sure what you desire to name an NPC, examine out some of the easter eggs below.

Name Tag easter eggs

Minecraft always keeps things amazing. Name Tags come with a couple of different easter eggs, which will cause unique impacts if you give particular NComputers specific names.

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Naming a rablittle "Toast" will certainly give it a black-and-white skin themed after a user"s missing rablittle.Naming a vindicator "Johnny" will certainly cause it to become aggressive through virtually eexceptionally other NCOMPUTER in the game, instead of simply players, villagers, traders, and golems.

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