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Guys this product is going to change your life! We have all been at a restaurant with crayons and a place mat to color and I don't know about your kids but the crayons get thrown around, end up being put in someones water, or they become an appetizer.

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So we bring our own stuff which quickly gets passed off as boring and the crazy starts! Now insert the Water Wow by Melissa and Doug product line. We only have one of the color books, but I can tell you we will be ordering ALL of them.

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So are there just coloring ones? Heck no Melissa and Doug went all out on their Water Wow product line.

These are fun, educational, and mess free! Just add water!

So do they work you ask!


I'm excited if you can't tell! lol 

So the cute pen has a paint brush like end, but the bristles are soft and despite having a toddler who pushes hard on all her coloring utensils it didn't fan out and looks just as good as it did when we bought it! You simply unscrew the blue piece and add water (maybe a tablespoon), screw it back on and color.

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Side note: it did take about 30 seconds for the brush to get wet enough for it to work so don't panic!! I was showing someone how cool it was and was freaking out it wasn't working haha I mean it's not rocket science!


I am still in shock with how cool this product is. I have no idea how it works, that's not what I want to school for! But it works and it's fun. They even have hidden items that you can find!

Adella was coloring in the line more with this then she does with a crayon or color pencil. Maybe she thought she was coloring really well? There are 4 pages and we colored them all and we didn't use any where near half of the water.

My next thought is what if we loose the brush? It does fit in the book and clicks in which is great, but lets be honest that means nothing with kids! Thankfully just a paint brush would work fine and they are cheap so we would be fine!

When we finish coloring I lay the book on its side and let it dry and in about 10 minutes (depending on how wet the board was) your picture is right back to blank and ready to be colored again! I mean who ever thought of this is a genius!

Favorite Parts

They are cheap!!! $5 for each one, I mean can you beat that?

Mess free, It's just water! And no waste, you aren't having to throw away paper.

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In conclusion, we will be getting more and I will keep them in the car and I'll let the girls pick one to color. This will work great for so many different times in our busy lives.

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