My characters are about twenty miles ameans and 6000 feet in elevation below a vast magical artillery barrage (through no intervening ridges that would certainly block their view). It will certainly light up a hill height, however I wondered if the characters could see or hear it.

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Anyone have stories from grandpaleas in the time of WWII?


I found someone that videoed fireworks from Disneyland also at 24 miles away. He was at a greater elevation than Disneyland also, and also they confirmed up rather well. OTOH, the explosions won't be as big as firefunctions. Though tbelow will be complete darkness, unlike LA city light close to Disneyland also.


the best I might execute is offer you an angular equation. especially small angular equation, as provided by Columbia University in a document regarding the Hubble Telescope.

what you need to know:

- the dimension of the blast radius in regards to flash (

) (in parsecs)

- the distance to the blasts (in huge units)

then asign s = c

a = s/d

where d is the distance to the blast and also a is the little angular, or perceived angle of the light. the result is a radian, where 2pi * 360(deg) is the feasible radian, to transform your answer to radians, ssuggest multiply the outcome by 0.0093 µrad per pixel (sorry, it is for a digital telescope)

sorry, its been 5 years given that I've done any kind of physics, and also this is out of the scope of my education and learning.

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if you should know how bideal somepoint appears in an earth settting, we revolve to a Walter Luins, on electromagnetism.

I(intensity) = e(energy)/v(volume) * w (wave speed) the outcome will certainly be Watts.meter^2

it's simply a matter of finding the thresh holds for human beings on the capability to perceive.

sorry I cant be of a lot aid.

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edit: I simply realized the small angular equation might be done using pythageros, a scalled illustration and a... hmmm.... the word is elusive for some reason... the thing that actions angles... not a compass however a thingy ma jig. I bet if I owned one I would certainly know it's name. protractor, excellent ol google. fundamentally an oboffered angle that is also tiny would certainly be hard to check out, like a lighter beyond 100 meters. the light would be noticable, yet it might not be known regarding why tbelow is light at that distance. and I can't uncover anypoint on electromagnetism through air on intensity, through variables consisting of moisture content. so sad.

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