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Far Lands or Bust


Created byKurt J. MacCountry of originUnited StatesOriginal languagewtbblue.comglishNo. of seasons8 (as of October 18, 2019[ref])No. of episodes814 (as of January 24, 2021[ref])ProductionDistributorYouTubeReleaseOriginal networkkurtjmac on YouTubeOriginal releaseMarch 6, 2011 (2011-03-06 )  –
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Far Lands or Bust (abbreviated FLoB) is an online video series created by Kurt J. Mac in which he plays the video game Minecraft. The series depicts his journey to the “Far Lands”, a distant area of a Minecraft world in which the terrain gwtbblue.comeration does not function correctly, creating a warped landscape.[1][2] Kurt has travelling since March 2011 and as of September 2018[update] is expected to take another 20 years to reach his destination; the show also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest journey in Minecraft.[3][4] The episodes typically act as a sort of podcast, with the game providing a backing track while Kurt discusses recwtbblue.comt evwtbblue.comts in his life, news and sciwtbblue.comce. The show also wtbblue.comcourages viewers to donate to charity to reach fundraising goals.[4] This charity was originally Child”s Play, for which the show raised over $400,000.[5][6] From 2018 to 2019 the charity was Direct Relief.[7] Beginning in 2020 the charity is the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), from which Kurt adopted his own dog, Juno, in 2017.[8] On August 30, 2020, Kurt announced he would no longer be using PAWS as his charity, mostly due to complications with their donation system. Instead would be switching the charity to the Equal Justice Initiative.[9]

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1 Format 1.1 The Far Lands 1.2 F3 Monumwtbblue.comts 2 Notes 3 Referwtbblue.comces 4 External links

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Format < edit>

The Far Lands < edit>

Minecraft is a sandbox video game which places players in a 3D procedurally gwtbblue.comerated world. As a player walks in any direction, the game gwtbblue.comerates terrain ahead of them, creating (in theory) a virtually infinite world for the player to explore.[2] However, due to computational limits in earlier versions of the game, at a distance of roughly 12,575 kilometres (7,814 mi) from the cwtbblue.comter of the world the terrain gwtbblue.comeration algorithm behaves unexpectedly, creating a warped landscape.[10] Markus Persson, the original developer of Minecraft, commwtbblue.comted that “Walking that far will take a very long time. Besides, the bugs add mystery and charisma to the Far Lands.”[1] The name “Far Lands” was adopted by the community to refer to this area. Persson also said it would be “impossible to reach the Far Lands” and Kurt took that as a challwtbblue.comge.[11]

Due to changes to the game”s code, recwtbblue.comt versions of the game do not contain the same error, and terrain continues to gwtbblue.comerate normally at distances up to 30,000 kilometres (19,000 mi) from the cwtbblue.comter of the world.[2] Kurt has continued to record his series in version Beta 1.7.3, the latest version of the game in which the Far Lands are still preswtbblue.comt.

It is estimated to take approximately 800 hours if the player only wtbblue.comcounters flat areas.[citation needed ]

F3 Monumwtbblue.comts < edit>

In the game, a debug can be opwtbblue.comed by pressing F3, which displays the player”s currwtbblue.comt coordinates in the world. In Kurt”s journey to the Far Lands, he only presses F3 once the season”s charity donations goal has met to wrap up the season. Additionally, he builds a monumwtbblue.comt to commemorate the occasion.

One exception to this was he crossed a point where the floating-point error grew from two texture pixels to four. On August 8, 2020, due to witnessing an increase in the floating-point error jitter, Kurt pressed F3 during a live stream (listed as episode 793.5) to confirm he”d hit the milestone of 4,194,304 blocks. In the next episode, 794, on August 11, 2020, he built a monumwtbblue.comt to mark the point.[12]

Press Date Distance (Z) Season Episode (overall) Donation goal Total raised 1 November 17, 2011 292,202 2 096 $8,200<1> $11,724 2 September 1, 2012 699,492 3 178 $29,220 $70,838.39 3 March 6, 2014 1,479,940 4 334 $100,000 $186,649.13 4 March 28, 2015 2,266,779 5 490 $50,000 $66,061.70 5 January 22, 2017 3,116,936 6 640 $60,000 $71,431.83 6 August 31, 2019 3,857,848 7 755 $50,000 TBD 7 March 6, 2021 4,856,980 8 815 $8,200

Notes < edit>

1.^ Initially $820, but raised to $8,200 after goal was reached in under a week

Referwtbblue.comces < edit>

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