How High Can You Go In Minecraft, The World Generation And Height Limit

Mojang just released the snapshot 21w06a and it has finally added caves, The world height has also increased in Minecraft 1.17!

The entire Minecraft community was left in disbelief when Mojang finally announced the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and cliffs update last year at Minecon. The community was literally speculating a cave update for almost 5-6 years. It had almost become a meme, but Mojang studios finally delivered!

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new cave generation

New Minecraft Cave variations

The old tunneling caves have not been removed as of yet but more cave variations have been added. The caves look vast and more realistic due to their new generation. The patch notes have stated that there are two new variations that have been added.

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spaghetti caves

Spaghetti caves

Spaghetti caves are large tunnel-like caves with heights greater than normal ones. There are also many caves that look like something we might see in an amplified Minecraft world


swiss cheese caves

Swiss Cheese caves

Hey, I'm not the one giving these caves such silly names, they are the official terms. Anyways, the swiss cheese cave looks like pillars supporting the ceiling. Just like caves the dwarves lived in the lord of the rings.

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World height increased

The world height has been a source of debate for many. The world height limited a person's creativity and finally, Mojang has increased it.

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The original world height was 252 blocks. 64 blocks from the bedrock to the grasslands or the surface. And an additional 192 blocks till the sky limit. Now they have added another 64 blocks to the sky limit and 64 blocks downwards in the caves. So the height limit now is 320 blocks!

You can get the snapshot from the Minecraft website, but don't open the snapshot in your existing world. As of now the feature to integrate the old and new caves hasn't been added. Your world may get corrupted or just not open.

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