We all know among the ideal ways to rise your sales on eBay is to obtain even more great feedback—and also here are seven means you could not know of that have the right to aid you carry out simply that however.

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1. Be Prompt in Your Payment

One means to bolster your feedago and reputation is to be a buyer. And once you purchase a things, pay as soon as you win the bid (or click ‘Buy Now’). Sellers appreciate not having to wait or ask for the money, and also this helps up your chances of acquiring (great) feedago. If you’re founding off with a blank slate and have actually no reviews, then begin off through buying a bunch of small, inexpensively-priced items as a quick means of acquiring that feedearlier.

2. Write About Your Purchase Right Away

If you’ve never been in the seller’s shoes, then it can be hard to recognize just just how much they rely on their feedearlier. Even if you’re not going to use your newly-bought item right amethod, take it out of the packaging and examine it over. And then take the 30 seconds to sit down and compose a quick note that the item came as described and you’re happy through exactly how it was sent.


3. Sfinish Off Items that are Well-Packed

People tend to compose up negative experiences a LOT even more than the excellent ones, so packaging items well has two effects: one, you’ll desire to prevent obtaining an almost-guaranteed lousy testimonial by wrapping things up safely and securely; and 2, buyers have the right to tell other buyers that you’re a seller who takes treatment in packaging things and they’ll know their future purchases will certainly arrive clean and unbroken.

Bonus tip: try to avoid using newspaper as packing material bereason the ink have the right to acquire on the item itself. Use packing product especially produced the purpose.


4. List and also Sell Quality Items

While it may be a little ethically dubious to sell re-presents, it’s at leastern listing items that are brand-new and/or in excellent problem. The last thing you desire to carry out is scrounge approximately your house for items that are collecting dust, and also then passing them off as somepoint else to your buyers.

People carry out not desire to obtain junk, so be precise around just how you list its problem. To ensure it arrives in the condition you noted, wrap it in somepoint prefer a Ziploc bag so it doesn’t gain wet or smelly.

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5. Don’t Try to Make Extra Money by Shipping a Different Way

You could think that it’s easy money to list one shipping method, and also then send it a cheaper means. Don’t. It’s lying and also being unfair, and among the quickest ways to shed trust through your buyers. Whatever before shipping option(s) you noted, stick to it once sending it out.

If the buyer selected the fastest (and a lot of expensive) shipping choice, it’s because they want the item best amethod and they’d be pretty happy around composing a quick note praising you for it.

6. Indirectly Ask for Feedback

Most, if not all, experienced sellers on eBay will certainly tell you that it’s a little gauche to ask the buyer for a testimonial. Instead, go around it instraight. First, email the buyer that they’re the winning bidder and that you hope they’ll be satisfied with their purchase and say so, and that you’re always accessible if they have any even more inquiries.

This wraps up the majority of purchases. If they haven’t paid for it yet, sfinish a follow-up invoice a few days after the bid. And if you still haven’t received a evaluation around a month after the purchase, then it’s okay to shoot them a quick message asking if they’re happy via whatever. Just make certain you’ve left them positive feedearlier first.

7. Include a Note with the Purchase

Think hand-composed notes have actually gone out of style? Think again! It’s a super handy way to provide buyers a nudge to leave you nice feedback or get in touch if they have any kind of issues.

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Final Thoughts

It’s smart to use these seven tips as soon as you’re trying to obtain even more feedback on eBay but, for savvy sellers, feedago automation within wtbblue.com is the way to go. Why? Because it’s quick, often tends to your eBay feedback once you can not manually have the ability to, and also creates a constant strategy. If you’re at all on the fence about it, then go ahead and reap the initially 28 days on us completely free, no crmodify card needed.

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