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When you're playing Minecraft on a default play scheme, one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is losing all your inventory upon death. For some players, the fear of death makes the game more enjoyable, while others find it downright annoying.

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Type “Enter.”Now, the new game rule is active, and you can respawn your game.

How to Keep Your Inventory When You Die in Minecraft on PS4 and Xbox

The steps to keep your inventory on Minecraft don't differ greatly between PS4 and Xbox. To perform this action, you'll have to enable cheats in your game and execute them. Once the chats are on, here's what you should do:

Press on the D-Pad (right) on your controller.Type “/gamerule keepInventory true.”Press “Enter” to change the game rule in your world.

Once the command is active, your items won't disappear from your Hotbar and inventory rows. You'll be able to respawn your game with an entire inventory.

Additional FAQs

Do You Drop Items in Minecraft?

Dropping items in Minecraft is necessary if you want to give or remove some of them from your game inventory. All you need to do is mark the item and press the “Q” key, and the item will be on the ground in front of you. Should you want to pick it up or leave it for another player, it's entirely up to you.

When you die in Minecraft, you'll drop all your items and have to start a new game without any of them. This happens automatically, and you can't choose which items you want to save. However, there's a way to change the game rules and make sure that every time you die, your items list remains unchanged.

What Happens to Your Inventory When You Die in Minecraft?

Whether you fell in a lava pit or went too far from home, when you die in Minecraft, you'll have to respawn with no items in your inventory. Once you die, you'll automatically drop all your items and have to start collecting them all over again. However, should you want to prevent this from happening, you'll either safely store your inventory or use a cheat code.

For storing your items, you have to build a wooden chest. There, you'll be able to place an abundance of inventory items and save them from dropping. Knowing that your items are safe, you'll want to take more risks, explore, and be bolder in your creations. Alternatively, you can choose to use a cheat code as it protects your loot at all times. When you die and respawn, it's easier to go through survival mode with all your weapons and tools at hand, especially if you're a Minecraft beginner.

Is Keeping Your Inventory in Minecraft Cheating?

Every player has a distinctive opinion on this matter. Some claim that to play Minecraft properly, nobody should use cheat codes as it distorts one of the game's basic rules. On the other hand, others refer to cheat codes as a necessary tool to relax while playing, especially if they're not using multiplayer mode.

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If you're playing Minecraft with other players, keeping your inventory after death gives you an unfair advantage, and it's considered cheating. But if you're messing around on your own, you can do whatever you want. If that means using cheat codes, most reporting players aren't against it.

How Long Do Items Last After Death in Minecraft?

When you die in Minecraft, your items will stay around you for five minutes. When the timer starts ticking, you have that time to find your character lying on the ground and pick up all your items. Should you fail to do so, you'll have to start the game from scratch.

Keep in mind that if you die in a lava pit or any kind of fire, you'll immediately lose any item that fell in flames without the option to retrieve it.

How Do You Keep Your Inventory in Minecraft When You Die?

You can keep your inventory in two ways: store items in a wooden chest or use a cheat code. Most players create storage rooms where they keep their valuable items, and there's a variety of approaches and designs available if you decide to build one for yourself.

Another useful option that allows you to keep the inventory is to use the “Keep Inventory” cheat code and have all your tools with you, even after you die.

Do You Lose Your Inventory Permanently When You Die in Minecraft?

Fortunately, you don't lose your inventory permanently when you die. Only if you die in the fire will the items be irreversibly lost. If you die in any other way, you'll have to come back, find your body, and take back all your belongings. But if you fail to do so, your inventory will disappear.

What Kind of Gamer Are You?

Minecraft is one of the best games to hone your creativity. You can use it to build various creations, but you have to be careful not to die too fast. Cheat codes in Minecraft come in handy when you want to keep all your inventory after death or place blocks anywhere you want. And it's convenient to use codes when you're in survival mode and need all the additional help you can get.

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Hopefully, we've helped you understand how cheat codes function in Minecraft and how to use them to enjoy the game even more. Once you learn how to use one code, you'll quickly figure out how the rest of them can improve your gaming success.

Have you tried using cheat codes in Minecraft? What would you like to improve with a cheat code?

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