How Long To Beat Minecraft Story Mode, How Long Is Minecraft: Story Mode

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How long is Minecraft Dungons? Find out how long the game is when simply finishing the game, or when unlocking all the secret missions and exploring everything the game has to offer.

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How Long is the Game?

Play Style Estimated Length
Story Missions Only 5 Hours
Story & Secret Missions 8 Hours
Post-Game Content +5 Hours

Story Missions Only


The game is divided up into Missions, each of which takes about 30 minutes to complete. As there are 10 Story Missions to get through in the main game, it will take most players about 5 hours to complete the Main Game, excluding Secret Missions.

Players are able to fine-tune the power of enemies within a Missions – if you”re a bit daring and set the power of your enemies above the recommendation, you might run into a few Game Overs, which will extend your play time. However, as there”s no major punishment for a Game Over except having to redo the level, your time won”t be set back significantly even if this happens.

Story & Secret Missions


Each of the Missions has a number of Secrets hidden for players to find, the most coveted of which being the entranceway to Secret Missions, hidden within four of the Story Missions. There are four Secret Missions in total, providing an estimated extra 30 minutes each to the playtime to complete.

The Secret Missions can take some searching to find, due to the game”s randomization of each area. The random nature of the game can also lead to the entranceways not appearing on a given playthrough, which can sometimes require players to backtrack through a Story Mission multiple times to unlock a Secret Mission. This extra searching time yields an estimate of 8 hours to complete the game including Secret Missions.

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How to Unlock All Secret Levels

Post-Game Content


When initially playing the game”s Missions, players will only have access to Default mode, the lowest of three difficulty settings. On Adventure, the next difficulty setting, players will have access to new secrets, which will require playing through each of the Story Missions again, as well as a brand new Mission. We won”t spill the beans too much here, but completing this extra content will add about 5 additional hours to playtime.

The Secret Missions aren”t required to complete to unlock this content, so when skipping past these, players can finish Story Missions + Post-Game Content in about 10 hours, or when including Secret Missions, players can finish All Missions + Post-Game Content in about 13 hours.

Does the Game Have Replay Value?

High Replayability


Even if thirteen hours seems like a short game, Minecraft Dungeons has an unlimited potential for fun. As each level”s course has an element of randomization, players can explore the same Mission multiple times for an entirely new landscape each time.

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The game also contains a number of Unique Weapons and Armor which are found randomly throughout the world at an extremely rare rate. As you continue playing, you”ll find more of these items to add new potential to your repertoire.

With three difficulty modes to unlock, players will need to push their equipment and character building skills to their limits to complete Adventure and Apocalypse mode, and achieve the requirements for all of the game”s Trophies. So what are you waiting for – get out there and start dungeon crawling!

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