Quick Answer: How Many Blocks Above Bedrock Is Diamond In Minecraft ?

The durability of iron tools is really starting to annoy me, but in all my hours of playing I”ve only stumbled across one deposit of diamond ore that provided around 7 Diamonds.

Đang xem: How many blocks above bedrock is diamond in minecraft

What”s the best way to locate more in Survival mode? Where is it most commonly found?



When in doubt, Find a Cave.

If you don”t see anything on the surface, Dig Deeper.

Really, that”s all there is to it. In general, you won”t find Diamond much past 10 levels or so above Bedrock.

The graph below (taken from TR”s interactive MC Block Distribution Chart) shows the density of Diamond in one generated world. 0 on the X axis represents bedrock. 255 is the top of the sky.

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Follow a path that”s been previously mined out by water. All you have to do is replace the source block (the block from which water appears to be flowing), and the water will cease to flow, allowing you easy passage through the cave.

After you”ve stopped the flow of water, follow its former path. Not only will your path be carved out for you, but you”ll be much more likely to find coal, gold, red ore and diamond.


One way I find lots of diamond is by making something I called Mining rooms. How you do this is dig a staircase type thing down until you”re a couple blocks above bedrock. When you get there dig as far as you can right without moving and do the same thing to the left (your tunnel should look sorta like a “T” by now). Go into the right tunnel and dig a tunnel to the left(as long as you want). You then dig 9 blocks to the left. when you do that turn to the left once more and dig until you find your tunnel. Then dig up all the area in between the tunnels. Using this strategy I found 30 diamonds, 75 redstone, 36 iron, and loads of coal within an hour. Hope this helps


For hunting diamond, dig down to bedrock. Diamonds only occur in the bottommost 10 levels of minecraft. Once you are at the proper depth, start digging exploratory branches until you find what you are after.

For more information on most efficent mining and efficent travel to the bedrock layer, see What's the most efficient Minecraft mining strategy?

I”ve tried two or three different methods, and a single one stands out for its output.You”ll need nothing more than what you would typically take on a mining expedition, apart from the addition of a bucket of water. Firstly, mine (or explore) to the general level of lave generation within the bottommost stretch of the Overworld, just before hitting bedrock. Once you”ve located a large pool of lava, get above it and place the water from your bucket on an adjacent or overhead block. Recollect the water, and repeat. Once all of the lava has been exhausted and you”re left with a floor of obsidian, use this as your canvas to mine the area.

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As this level is fairly easily accessed and close to the bedrock level, diamonds are sure to be found. Oftentimes, the removal of lava exposes diamonds above the pool or to the side that normally wouldn”t have been seen.

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