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Tridents are weapons that are commonly dropped by drowned mobs in Minecraft. Some of them can be seen with one in hand as they wander the ocean floor. Players can collect tridents from the Minecraft drowned mob at despawn.

Most of them will be damaged and in need of repair. Repairing one requires a second damaged trident and either a crafting table, grindstone, or an anvil. Players can also apply the mending enchantment if they wish.

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The drowned mob can sometimes be found holding an enchanted trident. The player can get this off of the mob at despawn. However, they will not know the type of enchantment or curse the weapon has until after it has been collected.

What enchantments can be put on a trident in Minecraft?

A trident can hold nearly all of its possible enchantments at one time (Image via Mojang)

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Seven different enchantments can be applied to a trident. Some of them are exclusive to this particular weapon. However, most Minecraft enchantments will not attach to the trident at all.

It can either be found already enchanted, or a player can enchant it themselves. They can do this by using an enchantment table with XP and lapis lazuli or taking an enchanted book with their trident and using an anvil. If players need to get rid of enchantments, they can do so using a grindstone.

The enchantments that a trident can have include mending, unbreaking, impaling, channeling, loyalty, and riptide. The only curse that can be put on this Minecraft weapon is the curse of vanishing enchantment.

A trident can hold nearly all of its possible enchantments at one time. Most of them can be made available on an enchanting table.

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The curse of vanishing and the mending enchantments are considered treasure enchantments and can only be found as loot. Minecraft Java Edition players can trade for the curse of vanishing.

Four of the listed enchantments are exclusive to the trident. These enchantments include all five levels of impaling, channeling, all three levels of loyalty, and all three levels of riptide.

If a trident is enchanted with riptide, loyalty and channeling cannot be added. If that same weapon is enchanted with channeling or loyalty instead, riptide cannot be added.

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