How Many Hydrogen Atoms Are In Ammonium Sulfide ? How Many Hydrogen Atoms Are In 8

We are asked to determine the formula of ammonium sulfide and determine the number of hydrogen atoms in 7.20 mol of this compound.

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The rules for naming binary ionic compounds are as follows:

1. The metal keeps its name and is named and written first.

– For transition metals, we use Roman numerals to denote its charge.

2. The nonmetal keeps its base name but has its ending changed to–ide.

We can see that the metal in the ionic compound is ammonium (NH4+).

The sulfide ion corresponds tosulfur(S), which has a charge of–2,S2–.

To get the formula, simply swap the charges of the two ions:

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Problem Details

What is the formula for ammonium sulfide?

How many hydrogen atoms are in 7.20 mol of ammonium sulfide?

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