For the inventory in Earth, see MCE:Inventory. For the inventory in Dungeons, see MCD:Inventory.

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The inventory is the pop-up menu that the player uses to manage items they carry. From this screen a player can equip armor, craft items on a 2×2 grid, and equip tools, blocks, and items. The player”s skin is also displayed here.

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The inventory is opened and closed by pressing E (


on the Xbox 360 & Xbox One,


on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4,


on the Wii U & Nintendo Switch, and ••• on Mobile Devices). This key can be changed from the in-game options menu. The inventory can also be closed with Esc (


on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo Switch,


on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, and


on Mobile Devices).

The inventory is saved upon exiting a world or server, so the player retains exactly the same items upon re-entering the world or server.


The inventory consists of 4 armor slots, 27 storage slots, 9 hotbar slots, and an off-hand slot. Items in the hotbar slots can be selected during play using the keyboard (keys 1–9) or mouse wheel and placed or wielded with the mouse buttons.

Most items can stack up to a maximum of 64 in one slot. Some items cannot stack, notably tools (with the exception of clocks and compasses), filled buckets, armor, and potions. Certain items, such as snowballs, empty buckets, eggs, signs, honey bottles, banners, and ender pearls can stack to only 16.

In Survival or Adventure mode, there is also a 2×2 crafting grid, which allows any recipe that fits to be crafted but does not offer item storage.

Armor is considered equipped only when it is in an armor slot; when in any of the regular inventory slots, it is not considered “worn” and does not offer protection. Held armor can be equipped by using it, exchanging it with any armor already occupying that slot.

Items have tooltips if the cursor is hovered over them, displaying their name, enchantments, lore, and some item-specific information such as the version of a written book. Pressing F3 + H causes items to display additional information, such as their ID, data values, and some item specific information.

Pressing use on a block with an inventory, such as a chest, crafting table, or a furnace opens its GUI and allow items to be transferred between the 27 main slots, the 9 hotbar slots, and the block”s GUI.

The only available slots for setting attributes are “mainhand”, “offhand”, “head”, “chest”, “legs”, and “feet”.

Recipe book

The recipe book is a mechanic in that serves as a catalog of recipes and as a crafting guide. It shows every crafting recipe that the player has had materials for.

Crafting recipes are organized in several different categories, as follows:

The first, topmost tab contains every unlocked recipe. The second tab contains tools, weapons, and armor. The third tab contains building materials. The fourth tab contains food miscellaneous items. The fifth tab contains redstone materials.

In Bedrock Edition, the tabs are:

All Nature Items Equipment Construction

Managing inventory

Stacks can be grabbed by pressing left-click on the stack and split by pressing right-click. If the stack is an odd quantity, then it leaves the smaller half (for example, a stack of 7 leaves 3 items in the slot and grabs 4). Conversely, while holding a stack of items in the inventory, left-clicking places the full stack in the slot, and right-clicking place just one item. Double-clicking an item grabs up to a full stack from all the items within the inventory.

Holding ⇧ Shift and clicking on the item sends the item from the player”s hotbar to the main 27 slots, or vice versa. Doing so, while a block”s inventory (chest, dispenser, etc.) is open, sends the item stack immediately from the player”s inventory into the block that they have open or vice versa. Holding ⇧ Shift and double-clicking a stack moves all items of that kind between the player”s inventory and the block, or their inventory and their hotbar. However, the player”s cursor must already be holding an item for this to work. The item held is irrelevant.

Pressing 1–9 switches the item hovered over with the cursor with the item in that slot of the hotbar, or move the item from one to the other if either slot is empty.

While an item stack is grabbed, dragging items around with the left mouse button divide the stack equally over the dragged-over slots, while dragging item stacks around with the right mouse button places one of that stack in each dragged-over slot — in both cases only if the slot is empty or contains the same item being dragged.

In Creative mode, middle-clicking an item grabs a full stack of the item while leaving the item in the slot, and dragging items with the middle mouse button places a full stack of the item in each dragged-over slot.

Pressing C+1-9 in Creative mode saves the current toolbar in the Saved Toolbars tab. It can be loaded with X+1-9.

Pressing drop while the cursor is hovering over an item in the inventory or a container drops one item. Holding Ctrl and pressing drop while hovering over a slot in the inventory or container that has one or more items drops the entire stack of items. While venturing without the full inventory open, the same can be applied for the selected item(s) from the hotbar. Items can also be dropped into the world by clicking outside the inventory window while holding an item with the cursor.

Creative inventory

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In Creative mode, the inventory contains most of the blocks and items from Survival mode (with some exceptions, like dragon eggs or command blocks), and a few more (such as spawn eggs and bedrock). The player can pick up blocks from here to use endlessly. In the search tab found above the creative inventory, players can search for the items they want to use.

Java Edition

A single item can be grabbed also can be used by pressing shift 4 times in a row using left click, increasing with continued left-clicks on that item. Left or right-clicking with an item or stack of items while hovering over any item other than the one held gets rid of the held item. Right-clicking an item also picks up one item, but the second click then puts it back down as opposed to picking up more. Shift-clicking an item grabs a full stack of items. Pressing a number key while hovering over an item instantly places one full stack of that item into the hotbar slot that corresponds with the number.

The Creative inventory screen is sorted into 12 sections: Building Blocks, Decoration Blocks, Redstone, Transportation, Miscellaneous, Foodstuffs, Tools, Combat and Brewing. There is also a search box (compass icon), saved toolbars (bookshelf icon), and Survival inventory tab (chest icon).

Using the search tab, one can access enchanted books of any levels, whereas only books of the maximum levels can be found in the Tools and Combat sections.

Stone , all types and polished variants Calcite ‌ Tuff ‌ Grass Block Dirt Coarse Dirt Podzol Nylium , both kinds Cobblestone Planks , all types Bedrock Sand , both types Gravel Gold Ore Iron Ore Coal Ore Nether Gold Ore Logs and Wood, all types Sponge Wet Sponge Glass Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Block Sandstone , all types Wool , all colors Block of Gold Block of Iron Slabs , all kinds Bricks Bookshelf Mossy Cobblestone Obsidian Purpur Block Purpur Pillar Stairs , all kinds Diamond Ore Block of Diamond Redstone Ore Ice Snow Block Clay Pumpkin , both types Netherrack Soul Sand Soul Soil Basalt , both types Glowstone Jack o”Lantern Stone Bricks , all types Melon Mycelium Nether Bricks , all types End Stone End Stone Bricks Emerald Ore Block of Emerald Nether Quartz Ore Block of Quartz , all types Colored Terracotta , all colors Hay Bale Terracotta Block of Coal Packed Ice Stained Glass , all colors Prismarine Prismarine Bricks Dark Prismarine Sea Lantern Magma Block Nether Wart Block , both kinds Red Nether Bricks Bone Block Concrete , all colors Concrete Powder , all colors Coral Blocks , all types Blue Ice Dried Kelp Block Block of Netherite Ancient Debris Crying Obsidian Blackstone Gilded Blackstone Polished Blackstone , both types Polished Blackstone Bricks , both types Copper Block , all types ‌ Cut Copper , all types ‌
Saplings , all kinds Leaves , all kinds Cobweb Grass Fern Dead Bush Seagrass Sea Pickle Flowers , all kinds Mushrooms , both kinds Fungi , both kinds Roots , both kinds Nether Sprouts Weeping Vines Twisting Vines Sugar Cane Kelp Bamboo Torch End Rod Chorus Plant Chorus Flower Chest Crafting Table Farmland Furnace Ladder Snow Cactus Jukebox Fences , all wooden types Soul Torch Infested Blocks , all types Mushroom Blocks , all kinds Iron Bars Chain Glass Pane Vines Lily Pad Nether Brick Fence Enchanting Table End Portal Frame Ender Chest Walls , all types Anvils , all levels of damage Carpets , all colors Slime Block Grass Path Tall Grass Large Fern Stained Glass Panes , all colors Shulker Boxes , all colors Glazed Terracotta , all colors Coral , all types Coral Fans , all types Scaffolding Painting Signs , all types Beds , all colors Item Frame Flower Pot Heads , all types Armor Stand Banners , all colors End Crystal Loom Composter Barrel Smoker Blast Furnace Cartography Table Fletching Table Grindstone Smithing Table Stonecutter Bell Lantern Soul Lantern Campfire Soul Campfire Shroomlight Beehives , both types Honey Block Honeycomb Block Lodestone Respawn Anchor Candle , All types. ‌ Small Amethyst Bud ‌ Medium Amethyst Bud ‌ Large Amethyst Bud ‌ Amethyst Cluster ‌
Dispenser Note Block Piston Sticky Piston TNT Lever Stone Pressure Plate , both types Wooden Pressure Plates , all types Redstone Torch Wooden Trapdoors , all types Fence Gates , all types Redstone Lamp Tripwire Hook Stone Button , both types Wooden Buttons , all types Trapped Chest Weighted Pressure Plates , both kinds Daylight Detector Block of Redstone Hopper Dropper Iron Trapdoor Observer Iron Door Wooden Doors , all types Redstone Repeater Redstone Comparator Redstone Dust Lectern Target Lightning Rod ‌ Sculk Sensor ‌

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Beacon Turtle Egg Conduit Scute Coal Charcoal Diamond Iron Ingot Gold Ingot Netherite Ingot Netherite Scrap Stick Bowl String Feather Gunpowder Wheat Seeds Wheat Flint Bucket Water Bucket Lava Bucket Snowball Leather Milk Bucket Buckets of Fish , all kinds Brick Clay Ball Paper Book Slimeball Egg Glowstone Dust Ink Sac Dyes , all kinds Cocoa Beans Lapis Lazuli Bone Meal Bone Sugar Pumpkin Seeds Melon Seeds Ender Pearl Blaze Rod Gold Nugget Nether Wart Eye of Ender Spawn Eggs , all kinds Bottle o” Enchanting Fire Charge Book and Quill Emerald Empty Map Nether Star Firework Rocket , no effects Firework Star , no effects Nether Brick Nether Quartz Prismarine Shard Prismarine Crystals Rabbit Hide Horse Armor , all kinds Chorus Fruit Popped Chorus Fruit Beetroot Seeds Shulker Shell Iron Nugget Music Discs , all kinds Nautilus Shell Heart of the Sea Banner Patterns , all kinds Honeycomb Amethyst Shard ‌

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