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Flowers in Minecraft have several types, with some easier to get than others. They can be used to create dye and color sheep for colored wool or put into pots to serve as decoration. Flowers can be plucked from the ground by simply left-clicking on them. To make a dye, simply place a flower in a crafting menu and you will get that flower’s appropriate color. Some flowers are special such as the Dandelions, which can be used to breed rabbits, and the wither rose, which can apply the withered effect to players who step over it.

If you want to play around with colors in Minecraft you had best get a chest ready for every flower type in the game. Many flowers can be found in flower fields growing in the overworld. Others will take more nuanced approaches.

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Here is the summarised table of all flower types in Minecraft:

Flower TypeColorSize / Pot-ableBiomeBone MealDandelionYellow1x1 / YesPlains and ForestsGenerates more around itPoppyRed1x1 / YesPlains and ForestsGenerates more around itBlue OrchidBlue1x1 / YesSwampsGenerates more around itAlliumMagenta1x1 / YesFlower Forest onlyGenerates more around itAzure BluetLight Gray1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itRed TulipRed1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itOrange TulipOrange1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itWhite TulipWhite1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itPink TulipPink1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itOxeye DaisyLight Gray1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itCornflowerBlue1x1 / YesPlains and Flower ForestGenerates more around itLily of the ValleyWhite1x1 / YesForestsGenerates more around itSunflowerYellow2x1 / NoSunflower PlainsCreates anotherLilacMagenta2x1 / NoForestsCreates anotherRose BushRed2x1 / NoForestsCreates anotherPeonyPink2x1 / NoForestsCreates anotherWither RoseBlack1x1 / YesN/ANo

What are the different ways to get Flower in Minecraft?

The easiest way to get flowers is to find them yourself. Many flowers can only grow in specific biomes and placing bone meal will only result in red poppies or yellow dandelions. A flower field will give you most of the game’s flowers.

Flower field in Minecraft

Flower field in Minecraft

Bone mealing any existing or planted flower will cause more flowers of that type to grow around it. This works with any 1×1 size flower.

For the 2×1 flowers, it does not generate more around it but it does create another flower for you to pick up.

Flower field in Minecraft

If you bone meal grass it will generate 1×1 flowers that can appear in that biome. Take a lot of bone meal to flower field biomes and you can generate any 1×1 flower in the game!

If you bone meal a non-flower field biome it will only generate that biome’s flowers. Most of the time it will only be dandelions.

Flower field in Minecraft

In previous builds of the game, it would generate poppies, or roses as they were named before, but now it seems biome dependent.

If you are unfortunate enough to draw the ire of iron golems, defeating one will drop 0-2 poppies.

Finally, the only way you can get a wither rose is to die to the wither boss.

How to use a Flower in Minecraft

Every flower can be turned into a dye. Simply place a flower in a crafting menu and you will get that flower’s appropriate color.

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Crafting yellow dye in Minecraft

Dyes can be used to dye sheep so they drop a specific color of wool, or used to stain glass.

Crafting yellow stained glass

Flowers are the entry point to playing around with colors in Minecraft. If the dye exists you can color glass, concrete, and wool with whatever dye you want.

You can also place flowers in flower pots as a nice piece of decoration.

Flower in a flower pot in Minecraft

This can bring color into your builds and any 1×1 size flower can be placed in a flower pot.

Sunflowers will always orient themselves facing east.

Sunflowers in Minecraft

Knowing this can help you travel as you can always ensure the direction you are facing by placing a sunflower down.

Dandelions are used to breed rabbits. So if you would like to have a rabbit farm you can do so with enough dandelions.

Rabbit farm in Minecraft

Dandelions can be used to lead the rabbits into pens so they won’t speed away from you if you are holding the yellow flower.

Flowers are used in the suspicious stew recipe.

Crafting suspicious stew

Suspicious stew will heal three full hunger points and cause a different effect depending on which flower was used in the recipe.

List of Flowers in Minecraft

– Dandelions

– Poppy

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– Blue Orchid

– Allium

– Azure Bluet

– Red, Orange, White, and Pink Tulips

– Oxeye Daisy

– Cornflower

– Lily of the Valley

– Sunflower

– Lilac

– Rose Bush

– Peony

– Wither Rose


Q. What is the rarest flower in Minecraft?

The wither rose is by far the rarest flower in Minecraft. All other flowers can be found in flower fields or using bone meal to make copies. The wither flower is the only flower that has a set condition of dying to the wither and cannot be copied with bone meal. You can also get a wither rose to drop by having the wither kill any mob but players are most likely. Wither rose is also the most dangerous flower, even compared to cactus. Stepping over a wither rose will cause the player to become withered and slowly lose their HP. The effect does end by stepping away, but withering is a dangerous status effect and you should place wither roses with caution.

Q. Is Lily of the Valley rare in Minecraft?

Lily of the valleys are only as rare as flower fields in Minecraft. Finding a flower field can be difficult but not every flower field will contain a lily of the valley. This makes finding one relatively frustrating, but finding one means you can copy them into others with bone meal.

Q. What are the types of flowers in Minecraft?

There are 1×1 flowers that can be planted into flower pots. There are also 2×1 flowers that cannot be planted into flower pots. They behave differently with bone meal as 1×1 flowers will generate around the bone mealed flower. 2×1 flowers will simply pop out a new item when bone mealed.

Q. Do Flowers spread in Minecraft?

Not naturally. Flowers will always remain static and do not grow or spread unless bone mealed. Using bone meal will effectively spread flowers but they will never grow into new flowers on their own.

Q. What is the most common flower in Minecraft?

Dandelions seem like the most common flower. They can be found in just about any biome and can be grown in a flowerless biome with bone meal. Dandelions being common helps if you are looking to breed rabbits. It is nice that the flower with the most practical uses is the most common.

Did you know?

  1. The type of flower you use in the suspicious stew will change the effects that can happen to the player. Allium will provide fire resistance, azure bluets will cause blindness, blue orchids and dandelions will cause hunger, cornflowers will give you a jump boost, lily of the valley will poison you, oxeye daisies will grant regeneration, poppies will give you night vision, tulips cause weakness, and the wither rose unsurprisingly will cause wither.
  2. Nearby bees will pollinate flowers, this will cause bees to make more honey as well as make crops near the beehive grow faster. If an oak or birch sapling has a flower planted nearby there’s a small chance that the tree that grows will spawn with its own beehive.

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