How Tall Are Trolls Wow – Zandalari Height, Weight, And Age

Playable races

Official lore heights

The following represents the lore height of playable races in World of Warcraft.

These values come from either Blizzard”s own internal height chart or from official novels, making them the most canonical data available and thus take priority over other sources.

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RaceGenderFeet & InchesInchesCentimeters
Orc MaleFemale 7″<1>6″ – 6″6″<1> 84″72″ – 78″ 213.36 cm182.88 cm – 198.12 cm
Tauren MaleFemale 10″<1>9″<1> 120″108″ 304.8 cm274.32 cm

Zandalari at large in Vol”jin: Shadows of the Horde are described to stand “at least a head taller” than a male jungle troll.<2> And some are even taller than that.<3>A female Zandalari standing “at least a head taller” than a male jungle troll would make them roughly 9″6″ tall, making male Zandalari roughly 10″ tall.Internal height chart

On Twitter, Sean Copeland had in the past mentioned the internal height chart and also said that Blizzard was working on making said chart publicly available, however, the only sources we actually have archived of the internal height chart are for orcs and tauren, all other mentions of the internal height chart have been part of tweets that have been removed since and weren”t archived in time, which sadly leaves no reliable source to be used.

“Blizzard is working to make their internal height values publicly available.<6> Sean Copeland suspects the game models being shorter is due to a game limitation.<7>“

Player model heights

The following represents the latest player model height of playable races in World of Warcraft, used as substitutes for lore height due to most races having no official values mentioned by Blizzard regarding their height in lore or the internal height chart.

The accuracy of these values may or may not be correct for every race. However, they are likely not far off, as it is important that a race”s in-game appearance—including height—matches what it would be in lore. An example we have are orcs; their internal chart height matches the player model closely, giving credence to the below values being more or less correct. With exceptions being made for the tallest races (e.g. tauren and Zandalari) to prevent them from getting stuck in doorways not made with tall races in mind.


This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

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This section represents the range of height taken from the vital statistics for various races given in the RPG. These more or less represent the most healthy members of the race, the ones that may become heroes. The base height represents the lowest possible height for a healthy adult individual in the race.




RaceBase HeightMaleFemaleAverage
Wildhammer dwarf<1> 3″9″ – 4″5″ 3″7″ – 4″3″ <2>
Furbolg<1> ?? 7″ – 8″4″ 6″8″ – 8″ 7 to 10 feet<3>
Half-elf<1> ?? 4″7″ – 5″11″ 4″5″ – 5″9″
Dryad ?? 5″ – 6″6″<4>
Keeper of the Grove ?? 6″10″ – 8″<4>
Half-ogre ?? 7″4″ – 9″4″ 7″1″ – 9″1″ <5>
Half-orc<5> ?? 5″8″ – 7″8″ 5″1″ – 7″1″ 6-1/2 feet<6>
Forest troll<5> ?? 6″1″ – 7″1″ 5″9″ – 6″9″ <7>
Centaur ?? 6″8″ – 8″ 6″5″ – 7″9″ <8>
Ogre and Ogre magi ?? 6″5″ – 7″5″ 6″2″ – 7″2″ <9>
Dragon whelps<10> 4″ – 4″2″ ?? ?? ??
Flamewaker<10> 6″8″ – 6″10″ ?? ?? ??
Nerubian<10> 2″10″ – 3″ ?? ?? ??
Sea giant<10> 7″ ?? ?? ??

1 Table 1-6<18>2 Slightly taller and leaner than Ironforge dwarves.<19>3 Furbolgs average 7 to 10 feet in height and 3 feet in width. Many furbolgs continue to grow even after they reach maturity, adding layers of muscle.<20>4 Table 2-6<21>5 <22>6 Half-orcs are a bit taller than humans, standing around 6-1/2 feet in height. Males are noticeably taller than females.<23>7 Forest trolls resemble their jungle troll cousins, but are taller and more muscled.<24>8 <25>9 At adulthood, but continue to grow.<25> A fully grown ogre would be between 8 feet and 25 feet<25>, the average for the larger ogres is 15 feet. Though some ogres are small barely larger than 6 or 7 feet.<26>10 Table 2-8<27>

Undefined genders

RaceBase HeightHeightAverage
Abomination ?? ??<1>
Mountain giant ?? 7″2″ – 8″4″<2>
Ancient Protector ?? 7″2″ – 8″4″<2>

1 At construction, but continue to grow.

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<25>2 At adulthood, but continue to grow.<28>


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