How Tall Is Minecraft Steve, Steve Minecraft Wiki Guide: All You Need To Know

Steve is the main player character’s name in Minecraft if you play as a boy. Alex is the female counterpart to the player character and was added around February 2015. It was around six years before Minecraft added a female player character. Both of these characters were created to be generic representations of human beings. Steve is the shape for a “classic” skin and Alex is the shape for a “slim” skin.



HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthDrops10 full hearts Passive/Neutral/Hostile depending on the player. (Java Edition) Fist Half a heart; (Bedrock Edition) Fist; 1 full heart; Everything in the player’s inventory.

Behavior and Appearance

Steve wears a light blue shirt with blue jeans. He has a darker complexion than Alex and has light blue eyes, what appears to be some stubble and dark brown hair.

His behavior reflects the goals of the player who controls Steve. There was an unreleased mob called the Human who looked exactly like Steve and wandered aimlessly sometimes jumping. This idea was eventually scrapped.

Health and Hunger Meters

Steve has 10 full hearts of health and 10 full hunger points. Each heart and chicken leg represents 2 points for its respective bar, so Steve technically has 20 health points and 20 hunger points at maximum. If Steve has above 18 points of hunger his health will regenerate by half a heart slowly. Hunger will deplete when Steve does energy-intensive activities, such as sprinting, mining, and attacking mobs.

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If Steve’s hunger bar reaches 0 he will begin to starve and take damage. On hard difficulty, starving can kill the player. On normal difficulty they will live with half a heart of life, and on easy difficulty, the hunger will lower them to five full hearts of life.

Movement of Steve in Minecraft

Steve normal movement is simply walking. He can walk up to 4.3 blocks in a second. Steve can also sprint to increase his movement speed going up to about 5.6 blocks in a second. While sprinting, Steve can jump up to four blocks horizontally. If he has less than 3 full hunger points, he cannot sprint.

Steve can also sneak which will prevent him from falling more than half a block down. Sneaking will reduce his walking speed by 70%. In multiplayer games, sneaking will also gray out your name to make sneaking around easier.

Steve can also jump about 1.2 blocks vertically. He can also swim by pressing the forward button while in water.

In the Java edition of Minecraft, Steve can also crawl. This occurs when a block intersects with Steve forcing him into an area less than 1.5 meters. This mechanic is to prevent suffocation.


Is Steve white or black in Minecraft?

Steve has a darker complexion than Alex, there is no official answer from Mojang about Steve’s race, only that he was created to look like a generic human being. Whatever a generic human being looks like to you is what Steve ought to be.

How tall is Steve in Minecraft?

Steve is 1.8 meters tall.

Is Steve the last human in Minecraft?

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If villagers are not human, then yes Steve appears to be the only human in Minecraft. If you are playing on a multiplayer server then it would be odd for Steve to be the only human in the game.

Is Steve from Minecraft a God?

Steve was created to be a generic human being. He can also die when his health is depleted and unless he is in creative mode, he cannot create material out of thin air and has to work with the environment around him. Therefore he is no God. Perhaps he is just a very powerful human.

Why is Minecraft Steve called Steve?

Notch mentioned as a joke that the player character model looks like Steve. The name has since stuck and the player model that we know as the main character in Minecraft today is named Steve. Even his appearance in Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate has the moniker of Steve. So the name started unofficially but has since been locked in.

Did you Know?

Steve is 1.8 blocks tall. The game typically establishes one block to be one meter, therefore Steve is 1.8 meters tall.

Steve was first named with his appearance in the Super Meat Boy franchise, where he was nameless prior to this.

Steve’s original model had a beard which has since been removed as players believed it was a smile. His stubble can still be seen on his official skin.

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