I have actually a number of pursuits in my journal that are currently done however acquired put in a 2nd time because of an unfortunate conversation alternative. Does anyone know a way to clear these kinds of quests out of the journal or just drop a quest if necessary?

No, tbelow is no in-game method to rerelocate started pursuits from journal(unless you complete them).

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Best method is to use search tracking to organize your journal - e.g. track all wanted quests and save "duplicates" untracked, it will certainly make a mess of your compass yet you can use map as needed.

If you desire to add mods to your game you can use this one to rerelocate some quests from the journal.Good point around this one is that you deserve to still complete quests you removed,you simply can"t see the marker and journal entry.

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Via the console you have the right to use setstage Write without the brackets.To uncover your pursuit ID and stage # search for your search on UESP.

Waiting likewise for some sort of mod or save editor to maintain the quest journal. I have a little mess tbelow additionally. – user15800 Dec 3 "11 at 18:17

If you are utilizing COMPUTER you can usage the consingle command setstage adhered to by the search ID to "finish" any search. UESP has the list of pursuits and also inside each you deserve to view its ID. To open up the console command also usage the tilde-key (~), it sits before the "1" essential and under the ESC-essential.

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If posible, just attempt to finish the search by yourself :) unless its bugged of course.

Using console will certainly not disable Steam success in Skyrim. Please stop spanalysis that rumor. (Yes, I usage consingle constantly. No, I have not shed a single success due to it. Yes, I even accidentally got among them (the "unlock all three words of a shout" one) pudepend by cheating with the console - I unlocked the words with souls got by player.modav dragonsouls 100.) – Dave Sherohguy Dec 8 "11 at 15:41

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