How To Add Multiple Waypoints To Tomtom Wow, Adding A Block Of Multiple Waypoints To Tomtom

The Gold Queen has a good guide to farming the Pocket Fel Spreader. It had instructions on adding map points for the Doomsayers using the addon TomTom.I liked the guide but adding the waypoints involved either adding one by one or making multiple macros.

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Paste Addon To The Rescue

I found an addon called Paste that allows you to add all the coordinates in one shot.


In order to add all the way points to TomTom using Paste you have to have TomTom and Paste installed and then open Paste via the Minimap Button or /paste.Once open copy the coordinate text for your city below, paste it into Paste, and click “Paste”. This will add all the waypoints to TomTom.

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Disable TomTom Waypoint Auto Clearing

By default TomTom automatically clears waypoints when you reach then. If you”re like me and want the waypoints to remain on the map you need to go into the TomTom settings > General Options and set “Clear waypoint distance” to 0. You then have to reload UI (/reload) and then the waypoints will not disappear.



The coordinates below were taken from The Gold Queen”sPocket Fel Spreader Farming post (with a few corrections by me). If you find any inaccuracies or corrections to the coordinates below please let me know.

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Stormwind Doomsayers

/way Stormwind City 78.6 37.3 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 68.6 42.7 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 72.7 47.8 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 67.6 58.0 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 77.0 63.6 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 66.5 76.5 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 61.3 75.0 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 55.6 68.5 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 59.0 53.0 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 53.9 52.9 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 47.4 49.6 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 51.2 70.6 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 44.0 81.2 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 50.2 86.7 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 62.2 32.7 Doomsayer/way Stormwind City 66.2 71.3 Doomsayer

Orgrimmar Doomsayers

/way Orgrimmar 33.85 67.93 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 40.16 63.88 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 40.66 46.85 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 45.86 51.44 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 39.88 77.98 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 44.20 69.00 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 44.22 63.84 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 48.75 57.09 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 52.66 63.93 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 52.16 74.96 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 51.83 85.04 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 57.70 52.79 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 65.30 47.71 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 71.75 45.08 Doomsayer/way Orgrimmar 69.17 32.86 Doomsayer

Happy Hunting!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.Also, as I was writing this post my wife”s been looking for Doomsayers and has found three. On the third one I got thePocket Fel Spreader!Big thanks again to The Gold Queen for her original guide.Like this post? Get even more Power Word: Gold – Purchase our Gold-Making Guides, subscribe viaRSS,subscribe to the Podcast via iTunes or RSS, watch our Livestreams, follow us on Twitter, find us on Facebook, and subscribe viaYoutube.

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