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It isn”t fair that people who pay 7 bucks a month don”t get full control over what they payed for. I payed for this so me and my friends could start a “mini hermitcraft” inspired by Xisumavoid. It”s only different in the way that they have at least 7 hours of afk time b4 the server kicks them. If i had a desktop that was able to stay on all day i would host a server instead of paying a flipping (im a christian) 7 dollars per month on realms. Add a command (and i either saw previous or saw official) called /setidletimeout. You could either add a command, or add an option in world settings for the owner to change for the idle/afk timeout. If you add the timeout command, some


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/setidletiemout 1 hour

/setafktimeout 1h

/setidletimeout x (for no timeout)

/setidletimeout 1m

/setidletimeout 1 minute

These aren”t hard to add to the game and would make a major improvement for realm owners and realm players.


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I don”t understand why this doesn”t have 1000 votes.

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I just got a new realms, but now I think I”m already gonna cancel my subscription. You can”t step away from your keyboard for 5 minutes. It”s super annoying and unnecessary.

I don”t see why a compromise can”t be met. Like the default is x amount of minutes, but you can change it to a maximum x amount of hours. Something that makes both parties happy.

Allows players to step away for a minute, of leave the game running for a while and still have ample time to get back and resume.

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An example for me is I help someone with who streams and I like to be in the world to help, but I also type up a list of instructions for him to read. Having a realms would make much more convenient for the both of us than it being hosted on an xbox. But that convenience gets taken away when he can”t read for minute or interact with stream without getting booted.


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