I'm sorry to make this post, I googled it but it only explains how to afk fish farm and such. I just wanna know how you go afk, in single player on pc, java edition. I just want to stand there where my farm is loaded. What do I do? Do I open the menu? My inventory? Can I minimize the game window after? I know this sounds stupid, I've just never done it before and google won't help :/


I usually block myself in so no mobs can see me and leave my pc running overnight. Then whatever happens will happen and my farm would usually push on and produce whatever it is producing for however long I will sleep.

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Just that? Okay thank you. Yeah, I know that I have to box myself in and such, I just didn't know what to do with the game.

open inventory so the menu doesnt open when you tab out because the menu pauses the game while the inventory doesnt… you can also do this by opening chests or crafting tables anything like that. tabing out can be done by alt+tab

Afk means away from keyboard, just making sure you’re understanding it.

So, if you want to go afk, just leave. When afk fishing you need to use some sort of trickery to keep fishing, but, if you just need to keep the chunks loaded then just leave.

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Make sure you’re protected against any mobs that may attack you (don’t forget about the phantoms) and you’re set. You don’t need to open inventory, and don’t open main menu on single player as that puts the game on pause.

Also, if you’re playing in windowed mode, then you need to prevent windows from going into standby/hibernate.


If you want to do something else in the mean time you need to set the game to run in the background (i think you need to disable the main menu opening when switching to something else), and then you can minimize it. Also, if you’re doing this you can keep the game in window mode.

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Okay thank you, you were very helpful!

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