how to allocate more ram to minecraft 1.11.2 new launcher

There is a lot of lag when I play Minecraft. I think this is due to the low amount of RAM I”ve allocated to Minecraft. (495MB)

How do you allocate more RAM to Minecraft?

I checked my other computer (Intel i5 Core) and it had the same amount of RAM allocated to Minecraft. However, Minecraft did not lag on that computer.

Đang xem: How to allocate more ram to minecraft 1.11.2 new launcher

After I installed Optifine on this computer, the lag stopped (I don”t know why cause I read that Optifine splits the load onto 2 cores, but I have only one core (At least I think so, a sticker on the laptop says Intel CORE i7)).

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Here is a good optimization guide. Note that simply allocating more RAM may not always actually help. MineCraft can perform worse with too much RAM allocated – for example, it is recommended not to use more than 512MB for vanilla. The amount needed depends on the mods and texture packs you are using. – mellamokb Jun 13 “13 at 16:06
Core i7 can have between 2-6 cores, depending on the model, so Optifine should help allot. Also, this may not apply to you but I had a laptop which was really laggy for Minecraft and I realised I didn't have the best graphics drivers installed. I was using the default chipset, and not the Nvidia drivers. After installing the Nvidia drivers it worked amazingly. Make sure you have the drivers for the correct graphics card (Should be a sticker on your laptop next to the i7) – GoodPie Jun 14 “13 at 11:15
ReallyGoodPie Well that's strange, cause I checked device manager, and I have 8 cores. – MerajA Jun 15 “13 at 6:01
I was just going off of wikipedia, which states that it has up to 6 cores. I thought i7 could have 8 cores, but assumed I had it wrong. – GoodPie Jun 15 “13 at 6:05
ReallyGoodPie An Intel Core i7 has between 2-6 physical cores, which appear to the operating system as 4-12 logical cores through hyper-threading. – Philipp Nov 11 “13 at 13:08
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Before you allocate RAM there are some things you should know:

x64 systems can allocate up to 192GB when using Windows Professional or above. 16GB when using Windows Home Premium and 8GB when using Home Premium and Starter. Also, please be aware of the physical limits imposed by your CPU Architecture. x32 systems can allocate up to 1GB (This is from personal experience on a 8GB machine and a 3GB machine, please correct me if I”m wrong)

So it is recommended you have a x64 system to allocate as much RAM as possible. Try an leave at least 1GB for the general system processes and stuff like that.

Here is how you allocate RAM on a windows system:

Create a new document and save it as run.bat Type the following this is for 4GB: C:<location to your javaw>javaw.exe -Xmx4096M -Xms2048M -jar <location of your Minecraft exe>

So basically, the xmx is your maximum RAM your allocating and your xms is the minimum ram it should use.

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Here is an example of an actual run.bat:

"C:Program Filesjavainjavaw.exe" -Xmx4096 -Xms2048 -jar "C:usersuserDesktopminecraft.exe"

Or if you have assigned Java in your system variables

javaw -Xmx4096 -Xms2048 -jar "C:usersuserDesktopminecraft.exe"

Obviously don”t just copy my code, as you need to find out where A) Your javaw.exe is located and B) where your minecraft.exe

Remember: 1GB = 1024MB and 0.5GB = 512MB

Old Launcher Introduced in 1.6

With the new launcher, it is allot easier to allocate RAM to your Minecraft. Simply go ahead and edit a profile and where it says "Java Settings (Advanced)", tick all the check boxes. Then add the amount of RAM you would like to the JVM Arguments text box. For example if I wanted to run it with 1GB I would simply type -Xmx1G and the 1G will indicate 1GB of RAM. xmx indicates the maximum RAM to allocate.


Ensure that you have the correct path to your java and that you have JDK installed.

Latest Launcher

In the latest launcher, if you go to the "installations" tab, go to the edit installation settings for that particular version, scroll down and select more options, you”re able to change the max amount of RAM by simply changing the -Xmx parameter.

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Simply download the tekkit pack and there is an option to play vanilla Minecraft. Simply select the "Cog" or settings icon in the top right corner and it will give you an option to allocate RAM if other methods are failing. Good Luck

Also if you are having trouble doing any of this, just simply google it and there are literally 100s of posts similar to this and allot of tutorials.

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