I tried adding an application rule for both java and javaw to be allowed on all connections, yet it still does not work unless I turn off the firewall entirely. In addition, the firewall states that Java(TM) Platfrom SE Binary was one of the last programs blocked by the firewall?I am also positive that it is the wtbblue.com Firewall because when turned off, it works fine.Any idea how to whitelist/allow it?


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Windows set my network as a home network, but I don't know if wtbblue.com is private or public, or how to tell.

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Windows set my network as a home network, but I don't know if wtbblue.com is private or public, or how to tell.
Picture nr.#3 > http://www.akruto.com/firewall-configuration/wtbblue.com-internet-security-firewall-configuration/
I'm using a different version: http://i.imgur.com/sNur1bo.pngAbout wtbblue.com says I have version 12.3.2280.I also made a new group with both java and javaw and gave them both full permissions, to no avail.
Shows this: http://i.imgur.com/2uf4cX8.pngNot much useful there, but clicking configure brings me to http://i.imgur.com/6eUwIxy.png , where Java already has full permissions.

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Check the firewall log file.See what is blocked and set the appropriate rule for it.or check the games website and see what rules need to be set in a firewall.
Online scanners (URL/File/Java/others) – INDEPENDENT support (chat for Windows, Windows apps, and many other things), just state the problem/ask your question in the channel and have patienceNO SECURITY TOOL PROTECTS A SYSTEM AGAINST THE STUPIDITY OF A USER
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Another easier solution is that the Firewall makes the application rule(s) for you.- First delete ( all ) the rule(s) for the applicaton(s) involved :wtbblue.com – Tools – Firewall – Application Rules – right-click on the application – Delete.- Than set the wtbblue.com Firewall on Auto-decide :wtbblue.com – Tools – Firewall – Settings – Policies – Default rules – Auto-decide – OK.- And execute the application(s) so that the wtbblue.com Firewall will create (a) new rule(s).Of course you can set the wtbblue.com Firewall back on Ask afterwards if you desire that.Greetz, Red.

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