How To Attract Lightning In Minecraft, Can I Get Struck By Lightning In Minecraft

I wasn”t able to find this post on here, but I am extremely curious if I need to be worried about instantly getting fried when working on an outdoor project.

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Can I get struck by lightning during a storm in Minecraft? If so, will it kill me?


Yes, you can be struck by lightning: Being struck by lightning or standing near a lightning strike deals two and a half hearts of damage, not including damage from the fire. Source

Since it doesn”t deal too much damage you should survive it as long as you aren”t damaged too much. Btw. beware of supercharged creepers, they deal a lot of damage.

Also you don”t have to worry about your constructs going up in flames because of a lightning since rain puts fire out.

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There is a very small possibility that you can be struck by lightning. Other mobs can also be struck, and it has varying effect, for example:

If a pig gets hit by lightning it will turn into a Zombie Pigman. If lightning strikes a creeper it will become supercharged and be even more deadly.



No, it wont kill you, as Zero stack said. It only deals 2 hearts of damage, and the rain will put it out.

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But now in the upgrade of 2013, the damage of lightning is now 3 hearts, and may destroy some items in your inventory.

I”ve also learned from experience that when you have an item such as

AnvilIron barsEnd portalNether portalMine tracksMine cartsIronIron armor

You”ll get struck more often, and not only that, if you are wearing a complete set of Iron Armor you”ll instead take 5 hearts, not 3.

One last thing, if you are wearing Diamond Armor(Full) and get struck by lighting, your armour will have a new enchantment which is called Armour of Gods. In a nut shell… It is no longer Diamond Armor, it”s godlike armor. As it will have 2 more bars of full armor, (And each stat, and enchantment will multiply by 10x) and will be 10x more effective, typically for each stat, for example, Blast protection 10x, Feather falling 10x, Protection 10x, Fire protection 10x, etc.

Well I hope this helps

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