How To Auction In Minecraft

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Launching Visual Studio

If nothing happens, download the extension for Visual Studio and try again.

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Feature-packed AuctionHouse plugin for PocketMine-MP


AuctionHouse allows players to list their items for sale and purchase items that others have listed for sale.



Chest GUICategoriesConfig (See below)Multi-lang supportCustom eventsCancel listingsListing cooldownEconomy plugin support (EconomyAPI as of now)MySQL and SQLite database supportCustomizable messagesAdmin menuAnd more coming soon!


Download the plugin from Poggit or releases


Click to open

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— # DO NOT EDIT THIS VALUE, INTERNAL USE ONLY.config-version: 5# Sets the prefix for this plugin.prefix: “<&l&6Auction House&r>“# Minimum price required to create a listingmin-price: 0# Maximum price a listing can have (-1 = No limit)max-price: -1# Sets the default language for the plugin, you can edit text and messages in this file.default-language: en_US# Sets the amount of hours a listing is active before being automatically cancelled and expired.expire-interval: 48# Sets the price it costs to list an item on the auction house.listing-price: 0# Sets a cooldown between listing items in secondslisting-cooldown: 0# Allows or blocks players in creative mode from selling items.creative-sale: false# Maximum amount of listings a player can have by defaultmax-listings: 45# Shows item lore on the auction houseshow-lore: true# Days to automatically delete expired listings (-1 to disable)expired-duration: 15# Formats price with commas (ex. 1,000,000)price-formatted: true# Items that cannot be listed on the auction. Refer to or for a list of item ids.blacklist:- “1000” # Example items- “1234:5”- “minecraft:air”# AH sign triggerssign-triggers:- ““- ““# Menu button itemsbuttons:stats: “minecraft:chest”back: “minecraft:paper”previous: “minecraft:paper”next: “minecraft:paper”info: “minecraft:book”howto: “minecraft:emerald”return_all: “minecraft:redstone_block”player_listings: “minecraft:diamond”expired_listings: “minecraft:poisonous_potato”admin_menu: “minecraft:redstone”confirm_purchase: “minecraft:stained_glass_pane:5″cancel_purchase: “minecraft:stained_glass_pane:14″…

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