How To Be A Hacker On Minecraft, 3 Ways To Hack Minecraft

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About this workshop

Think Minecraft is just a video game? Think again. In this full-day bootcamp, students are taught coding fundamentals and the basics of Python language by hacking Minecraft.

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They will get to control of the world such as teleporting their avatars, speed building and automating actions by writing Python Code.

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With guided instructions, students go beyond mere mining of resources and learn simple game programming concepts including variables, booleans, loops, conditionals, functions and debugging.

This workshop will stimulate students of all programming levels to learn coding languages through mini-challenges and milestones designed for critical thinking and application.


Importing libraries in Python Using for loops and nested for loops to build housesCreate a trail of golden bricks using while loopsSpeed digging using while loops and conditionals

Prereqs & Preparation

This class is opening to students of all ages. Programming background not necessary, but please bring a laptop along for the class!

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