How To Be A Mermaid In Minecraft Pe), Playing Minecraft As A Mermaid!

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Đang xem: How to be a mermaid in minecraft

I have seen videos about people turning into mermaids and being able to breathe underwater yet I have tried it myself and have failed to complete it. Is it actually true?


No, there isn”t a way to become a mermaid as such, and they do not exist in minecraft without mods. Now that you”ve linked a video, it looks like the Forge Mermaid Tail Mod, but another example is the Mermaid Mod.

However, one thing you can do without Mods to get similar effects is to consume a Water Breathing and Night Vision potion. This will allow you to see and stay underwater for longer periods of time – without the tail, of course.

A Water Breathing potion is created by brewing a water bottle with nether wart to create an Awkward potion and then brewing it again with a Pufferfish.

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A Night Vision potion is created by brewing a water bottle with nether wart to create an Awkward potion and then brewing it again with a GoldenCarrot.

You can increase the duration of each by brewing it another time with some redstone dust.

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Err, no. Mermaids are not a thing that exist in minecraft. Perhaps you are confused about one of the many mods that provide features like that.

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