How To Beat The Lich King Minecraft, Twilight Lich

Next turn I steal it withKobold Stickyfinger and next turn i playEnter the Coliseum so he is left with one dude and no weapon.

Đang xem: How to beat the lich king minecraft

Then i playKel”Thuzad and 2 taunts so he can”t attack .

I buff my minions and I destroy his last dude but then he was still un-targetable and I could not dmg him 🙁

I Feel Robbed.

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Btw I have done the same with other classes and it worked but this time didn”t. Don”t know how?

Also I stole Lich King”s Weapon with rogue too. withPlagiarize

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I think you could still win with mechathun.

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Sorcerer's Apprentice

Damn Unlucky.. I don”t have Mechathun. I”m gonna try again and see.

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It”s be cause they don”t revisit old adventures. They added armor to bosses because people could use Alexstrasza and win easily, now they printed Platebreaker and forgot to ban it in adventures. That”s how I beat lich king with almost every class. The weapon is immune to weapon destruction and is not supposed to be stolen. You need to focus on his minions, not on the weapon.

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