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A conduit is a beacon-like block that gives power to the conduit and threatens underwater hostile mobs. When triggered, conduits offer the “Conduit Power” effect within a spherical range of 32-96 blocks to all players in contact with rain or water. This results in oxygen restoration, provides night vision underwater, and increases the speed of underwater mining.

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Conduits can often kill any violent mobs within a radius of 8 blocks, such as drowned and guardians. Conduits can be triggered in any biome and at any height or depth. For every seven blocks in the frame, the effective radius of the conduit is 16 blocks, but the effect does not trigger until the construction contains a minimum of 16 blocks. It can therefore expand to 48 blocks with 21 blocks, 64 blocks with 28 blocks, 80 blocks with 35, and 96 blocks with a full-frame of 42 blocks.

Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool to mine Pickaxe
Blast resistance 3
Hardness 3
Luminant Yes (15)
Transparent No
Flammable No
Catches fire from the lava No

How to get a conduit in Minecraft?

Required Materials:

– 8 Shells

– 1 Heart of the Sea

The game features shipwrecks, which are structures filled with assorted treasures, goodies, and a treasure map on a terrain map that shows a red X marking the nearby treasure. Players must follow this map and begin digging, primarily on coastlines. They must continue their hunt for treasure until they find the Heart of the Sea. Feeding raw cod or raw salmon to a dolphin causes the dolphin to swim toward the nearest buried treasure, shipwreck, or ocean ruins.


As for Nautilus shells, they can be rarely obtained as a treasured item from fishing. The drop chances of nautilus shells slightly increase with each level of Luck of the Sea on the player”s fishing rod. Wandering traders can trade you the shells for 5 emeralds apiece. Shells can also be dropped by Drowned upon being killed.

Once you have the materials follow the crafting recipe:

Open the crafting table:

Open your crafting table to begin crafting a Conduit with the obtained ingredients contained in your inventory. Once you open your crafting table you will have the 3×3 crafting grid similar to the picture below:


Place the shells:

8 Shells will be placed completing the entire grid except for the cell in the center of the grid. This means that the first and last row will be filled, and the second row will contain 2 Nautilus shells.

Place Heart of the Sea:

The only thing that’s left placing in the grid is the Heart of the Sea. It will be positioned in the center cell and doing this will cause the conduit to be produced.


How do you activate a conduit in Minecraft?

To activate a Conduit, you need the conduit itself and Prismarine blocks. If the player doesn”t already have a guardian farm, Prismarine can be most difficult to acquire. Prismarine or its crafting material origins come from ocean monuments and remains of the ocean. The top two layers nearest to the ocean surface produce 16 prismarine blocks and 4 sea lanterns.


To activate a conduit, you only need 16 Prismarine blocks to construct the most minimal activation frame. The only way to break the monument structure with elder guardians in the way is to detonate TNT. When the TNT explodes, it destroys some of the prismarine and leaves some items. Without the aid of a gravity block, TNT damages mobs without destroying underwater blocks.

Build a Conduit Activation Frame:

Choose the location:

Choose a location underwater where you would like the conduit to be. Keeping in mind the effects of Conduit activation and where a player might need it the most, a player should decide its placement.

Build the base:

Once you have decided on the place craft a base from 9 blocks, placed to form a cross. One block will be placed in the center, with 2 block lengths extending from each of its sides. The picture contains different blocks of Prismarine, but having different blocks isn’t a requirement as any Prismarine block will suffice.


Make the pillars:

To each end of the base, add a four-block pillar. This builds the simplest frame for a conduit. It can be extended until you get to the limit of 42 blocks where it can retaliate against hostile ocean mobs too. For each 7 Prismarine blocks added, the range of the conduit extends to 16 blocks. The pillars will take 4 blocks each, with a total of 16 blocks placed.

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Finish the frame:

Joining the pillars together in a similar fashion to the base below will complete the top Conduit activation frame. This will cost you 5 Prismarine blocks.


Add a middle layer:


The last part in the construction of the frame is to join the pillars halfway to the top. Players will have to add one block each on the sides of the pillars and join them at the intersection. It will cost 3 blocks at each side of the frame, with 4 sides resulting in a total of 12 blocks.

Place the conduit:

Even though a conduit usually floats when active, it cannot be placed on “nothing”. Therefore, a temporary block has to be placed on the base of the frame, and the conduit atop of that block. Once the conduit in place, remove the block from underneath. The conduit will be triggered. An animation displaying swirling particles around it will follow once it is activated.

Players in the area will be affected:

Now, all players near this structure will be given the Conduit Power status effect.



How rare are nautilus shells in Minecraft?

The odds of receiving a nautilus shell from fishing with an unenchanted rod are 0.7%, so you have to spend a lot of time fishing. Drowned have an 8% chance to spawn holding a nautilus shell in BE and 3% in Java Edition. A wandering trader can spawn anywhere after one in-game day and has a chance of offering a nautilus shell as one of their trades. Due to harder obtaining methods than most items, these shells can be considered relatively rare.

Do conduits kill mobs?

Conduits do not kill mobs in an instant but continue damaging them every two seconds if they are in range and if the conduit is fully activated, which requires a frame of 42 blocks surrounding it.

Will conduits kill guardians?

It is possible to use full-stand conduits to kill guardians, however, the guardian must be 8 blocks from the conduit itself, and the conduit must be in the water.

Do conduits kill elder guardians?


If a hostile mob goes toward a fully framed conduit, it will take two hearts of damage every two seconds within a range of the conduit so it will damage the elder guardians but only within range will it be able to do so.

Did You Know?

When it is activated, the conduit displays the heart of the sea”s texture in the center of its model. However, when the conduit is fully activated the heart opens like an orange eye.

The achievement obtained by activating a conduit refers to the system of whirlpools in Nordland county, Norway.

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Conduits are one of the few blocks in Minecraft to be able to automatically deal damage to Mobs. The other blocks are Cacti, Anvils, and Lava.

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