How To Break Glass In Minecraft And Get It Back, Minecraft Java Edition

You can get Glass Shards by breaking Glass. This way when you accidentally place a Glass Block somewhere you didn`t mean to, its not for nothing. Breaking glass gives you 0-2 pieces of Glass Shards in the repective color of the glass you broke. It take 9 shards to make one block.

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This is really only an issue early game before you have silk touch. I think if something like glass shards is added they should serve a purpose other than just making a small amount of glass salvageable if you don”t have silk touch. Maybe you could make glass tipped arrows that are super sharp? Maybe you could combine shards of different colors into a stained glass pane?

ClayGoddessSariI like the idea of Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes, that would add alot more colorful blocks to!

Have 9 shards create a Broken Glass Block. Easily breakable if placed. To return it to it”s former glory, throw it into a furnace to make a regular glass block.

Neat idea, but this would require 17 shards to account for the various colors.

Glass blocks should be crafted from a 4×4 format recipe of 4 glass shards instead of 9. You should also get back 4 shards when a glass block or pane is broken, so that you can recraft the glass block or pane again. This makes it fair and ensures the glass block is recoved.

You could also have the glass blocks drop a glass shards item 20% of the time, then one glass shards item can be smelted into a block of glass in a furnace or blast furnace. That might make more sense than being able to craft the shards back together.

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I agree, but it should take 4 shards per block, and like glowstone, it gives you 2-4 shards, which can be crafted into a cracked glass block and that can be smelted into regular/stained glass, the glass pane recipe should now give 16 panes for 4 pieces of glass and when a pane is broken, it has a 75% chance of dropping a shard.

1 glass block = 4 shards or 1 bottle, so also, when a splash or lingering potion is thrown, it also drops 1-3 glass shards, not enough to make another bottle, but some of the material.

i would like if 4 glass shards are put on a crafting bench you get cracked glass, that glass will break if something stands on it and smelting it will make it regular glass, also smelting glass related things should also give you glass shards (i dont think there should be colored glass knowing logics)

I like Mark Abernathy”s suggestion of using the glass shards to craft a cracked glass block. That would be really neat for builders looking to give their builds a broken/abandoned look.

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Here”s another idea to give the glass shards some more use: you should be able to place the glass shards on the ground as a block. Stepping on them will cause you to take damage. This would be a nice alternative to berry bushes that doesn”t require grass, and also have a completely different look that would, again, be great for builds going for a run-down/messy look. Stained glass shards could also be used as a stand-in for small crystals in cave-themed builds.

I was about to post about this,and th same exact thing you said,except that when you break it,you get 8 glass shards,eventhough you need 9 to make glass…or shattered glass block?pane? Then once you break it again,you get nothing.something like that

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