how to build a cruise ship in minecraft

A cruise ship is a ship that can be built in This page shows a step-to-step guide on how to build one.

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1 Large cruise ships 1.1 Videos 1.2 Recommended building blocks 2 Medium-large cruise ships 2.1 Videos 3 Passenger ferries 4 River cruises 5 Terminals 5.1 Recommended building materials 6 Terminal tutorials 6.1 Dock (for small boats and nether hubs). 6.2 Station (for small boats and nether hubs). 6.3 Low door and platform. 6.4 Staircase. 6.5 Extending terminal. 6.6 Sliding terminal. 7 Life boats 8 Things to have onboard 9 Tutorial Videos 10 See also

Large cruise ships < edit>

Large cruise ships are usually very large and complex, and therefore may be quite difficult and tedious to build. It is recommended to build these in Creative mode, as a very large number of resources, some of which may be hard to acquire in Survival or Adventure, are usually needed to create a large cruise ship.

Videos < edit>

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Video of the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship built in the game.
See § Tutorial Videos for more videos.

Recommended building blocks < edit>

Concrete (good building block, could be used outside the ship) Wool (useful inside the ship, but be careful using it near fire or lava, as it is flammable) Planks (can be used inside the ship, but it is also flammable, so make sure that fire cannot spread to it) Carpets (decoration block, also usable inside the ship, but again, it is flammable) Torch es or glowstone (useful for lighting) Glass pane or glass (can be used as windows)

Medium-large cruise ships < edit>

Medium-large cruise ships are slightly smaller than cruise ships, making them useful if you want to build a ship that is large but not as tedious and resource-demanding as a large cruise ship.

Videos < edit>

A video of the construction of the Carnival Breeze, which could be considered a medium-large cruise ship.

Passenger ferries < edit>

Passenger ferries can be built in water bodies between two land masses, where the distance between the masses is not small but not significantly large either (e.g. a large lake, but not a river or an ocean). The size of a passenger ferry varies, such as a steamboat. the boat advised to create depends upon the number of passengers expected and/or the distance between the two lands.

River cruises < edit>

If a huge cruise ship is not what you”re looking for, you can build a river cruise boat, which is a smaller ship designed for traveling through rivers. These boats are usually two decks or lower and not very long either. You could build this on top of a naturally generated river, or you could dig your own river and build your boat on that.

Terminals < edit>

Strongly recommended while building a cruise ship, it can include a check in desk, toilets, playing area, cafe, walkway to the ship, and optionally staircases and/or lifts with more than two levels.

Recommended building materials < edit>

Cobblestone Doors (iron doors may give a more modern look, but need power) Glass (for windows; glass panes tend to give more depth) Fences Stairs and/or Slabs . Planks (ensure to keep any wood-based blocks away from fire hazards) Wool (again, avoid fires) Piston (if creating an sliding, raising or extending terminal) Slime Block (if creating an sliding, raising or extending terminal) Honey Block (if creating an sliding, raising or extending terminal) Lever (if creating an sliding, raising or extending terminal) Redstone Dust (if using an iron door or creating an sliding / raising / extending terminal) Redstone Repeater (for redstone line extension)

Terminal tutorials < edit>

Dock (for small boats and nether hubs). < edit>

Create a platform of planks, add fences from floor of water body to platform corners.

Station (for small boats and nether hubs). < edit>

Create 2 docks separated the exact width of the boat, create a staircase, extending terminal or sliding terminal up to ship entrance. Optional: Create a customer review booth.

Low door and platform. < edit>

make a door level to a dock or station

Staircase. < edit>

Make a staircase

Extending terminal. < edit>

place an double piston extender.

attach a slime block line

place a line of a move-able block on front and top of slime block line.

power using a lever.

extend circuit if needed using Repeater

Sliding terminal. < edit>

place an double piston extender.

attach a slime block to the available piston.

create a staircase starting on top of the slime block.

place 1 slime block underneath each stair.

power using lever.

extend circuit if needed using Repeater.

Life boats < edit>

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All ships have lifeboats. Depending on the size of the vessel, you may have many or only a few lifeboats. Real-life lifeboats are colored orange, so they could be easily spotted by rescue crews, so you should use orange material to build the lifeboats.

Things to have onboard < edit>

Cabins for persons to live on the cruise ship. You may have different classes for cabins – ranging from ones with nothing but a bunk bed to suites with balconies and king-size beds. More expensive cabins tend to be placed on upper decks. Ice Hockey on large cruise ships Spleef arenas Nightclubs Casino Restaurants Shops (taxfree or so): A cruise ship doubles as a mall, as it has so many different shops. Make sure to have many shops for exotic and luxury goods. Playrooms Smoking rooms Soda vending machines Jukeboxes to play music (remember to put a music disc inside the jukebox or the jukebox won”t play any music) Info desk Swimming pools Waterslide Engine Room: A ship cannot function without an engine. Engine rooms are huge, with tons of complex machinery. Building an engine room may be tricky, as many have never seen one. Car Deck Bridge: Any ship needs some form of a command. Build a glorious, wide bridge from which the Captain can lead the vessel.

Below are some tutorial videos from YouTube, sorted partly from 1-30, click “Show” to view those, and clicking “Show” will view all videos, but they are collapsed to prevent them from loading or crashing this page. Click “Show” on a specific video to view it.

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