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This is not just a guide on how to build a Minecraft starter house, but a Minecraft starter home.

It can be difficult for those who are new to Minecraft to decide on how they would like their house built. Some seek out a certain mood and focus on aesthetics after they have their base functional, while others keep theirs bare because they don't yearn to decorate it.

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Either choice is suitable, and each Minecraft home is unique. This guide will include everything a player needs at the start of the game.

Building a starter house in Minecraft

Step 1: Find wood

Image via Minecraft

Finding wood immediately is crucial to survival. The first item that should be made is a crafting table and some tools the player might think is necessary at the time.

Players should construct a house that's small enough to conserve resources but large enough to place down crafting benches, furnaces, chests, and other useful items.

The house pictured above has the dimensions of three blocks tall, seven blocks wide, and eight blocks long. Constructing a base this size takes very little time and offers a good amount of space.

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Birch forests are some of the most abundant in wood. Here's the Minecraft Twitter page to fill readers in.

The next focus should be on mining for cobblestones, coal, and other ores while gathering food along the way. Hunting sheep for wool to make a bed should also be on the player's priority list.

Step 2: Build on

Image via Minecraft

The next way to advance a starter house in Minecraft is to add appliances and stock up, as well as build onto the house for extra space. This extra space can be used for storage or for a specialized room (armor and combat, food, potions, etc.).

A second story, basement, or attached room to the house will fit the criteria for an extension. A second story will allow for better-ranged attacks, while a basement can serve as a safety net for players if something goes awry.

Image via Minecraft

Another way to add on to a house is to build a farm/garden. This will cut down on the player having to search for food, as it can get sparse in certain biomes.

Step 3: Details

Image via Minecraft

Adding a few touches to a Minecraft house can make it feel more like a Minecraft home. Without details, it isn't as unique and doesn't reflect on the player's taste (unless they're something of a minimalist).

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Little decorations and add-ons include but are not limited to:

  • Flowers (garden or potted)
  • Windows
  • Paintings
  • A well-designed roof
  • Bookshelves

Here is a good example of a beautifully decorated lawn:

Other Minecraft starter houses

Here are some other houses to fit the varying styles of Minecraft gamers.

House #1

Image via Minecraft

This is a cute semi-underground house that would accommodate those seeking a cozier feel in Minecraft. The inside, pictured below, matches the outside in terms of tone.

Image via Minecraft

House #2

This house is reminiscent of a witch hut and would fit in perfectly either in a swamp or a beach.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Minecraft houses are a key component of survival, creativity, and even to a degree, self-expression. This guide should serve as just that; a guide.

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