Minecraft: How To Build A Haunted House In Minecraft Haunted House


Today we will be building a HAUNTED HOUSE but before we get started.. Iam sorry for not posting some blogs for so long its because i have hw , sw and project to do in school ;^; Anyways lets get started.. Get your other phone or tablet and START MCPE


-step 1-

pls build 1 small,1 medium and 1 large (or big) squares!!

Đang xem: How to build a haunted house in minecraft


-step 2-

Build da floors in each squares with any blocks you like *^* (well i strongly recommended you to pick the spruce wooden block :3)


-step 3-

time for the WALLS to build.. Well before that.. Just put 6 blocks in every each corner and connect them πŸ˜€



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-step 4-

And now we need to build a ceiling!! Its really easy to do it sooooo… Just do it like this ._.

-step 5-

time to do the roof! (Iam sorry i forgot to take a pic of how to build the roof but i hope you know how to build it :3) yesh the roof! Pls use the dark oak stairs!!

and build a flat surface on the top if your lazy like meh :p


Just add some spoopy vines on the wall πŸ˜€ or any decorations that fits on your own spooky house!

And thats how to build a horror haunted house!! I hope you enjoy building usimg my steps to complete it!! Or you can build your own spooky house that is really better than mine!!!! (I hope not…. Jk xD) ANYWAYS *^* uhm… Thats the end of the blog! I hope you like it! And if you do then hit that like button with your super big FIST!!!! And as alwaysssssss

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Nice! But the walls are too flat. You should add some stairs to make it look like it”s breaking down. Check out mine

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