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Building in Minecraft can be one of the most fun aspects of the entire game. Some players are really great builders and that's all they focus on. People are seen building some of the most creative and unique things in all of Minecraft. Building is easier in Creative mode, while building in survival can be a challenge. Not having instant access to all materials can be frustrating.

A player built the Eiffel Tower. Image via Tech Guided

Building in Minecraft survival mode is more difficult but is also more rewarding. Grinding for all the materials and naturally carving out the landscape is a truly rewarding experience. But because it's so difficult, here are some tips on how to build a house in survival.

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Building a house in Minecraft survival

As with everything in Minecraft, it all starts with punching a tree. If players are lucky enough to get an axe out of a bonus chest (if they set it to spawn with them), it makes it a lot easier, but getting wood is always the first step. Any wood can be used for building a house, but jungle wood and acacia wood are probably the least recommended.

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Many players will use logs instead of planks for the corners of their houses. This will require a lot more wood. Unfortunately, good Minecraft survival houses don't end there. Stone, whether it's cobblestone or regular stone, is a key ingredient in most Minecraft houses.

A simple house utilizing stone. Image via GrabCraft

Players will need to go mining for cobblestone and coal to cook it into stone. Stone bricks work really well for houses. A new addition in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update, cobbled deepslate or just deepslate is a great option for building a house.

Minecraft house using cobbled deepslate. Image via Minecraft

Once players have all the materials needed for it, the last step is to simply clear out the area. Sometimes the land spawns perfectly, but other times, it needs modification.

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Clearing trees and digging up dirt or sand (which can be smelted into glass which is a great addition to any Minecraft house) are the most common things players need to do in order to build. After that, simply start putting the blocks where they need to go.

There is no one size fits all method to building a house. Even though it's in survival and not creative mode, building is still a creative matter. The build is ultimately up to the player, but these are some good tips to get started on building houses in Minecraft survival mode.

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