How To Build A Lab In Minecraft : How To Build Dantdm'S Lab

Minecraft Player's Chemistry Lab Uses ZERO Mods & Still Looks Amazing One creative Minecraft player has built a massive chemistry lab that they use to test their Redstone inventions with zero mods, and it looks amazing.

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minecraft chemitry lab amazing
Players in Minecraft put the game”s limitless possibilities to the test by building unique structures through the use of mods, but one player has built a massive chemistry lab in vanilla Minecraft and it looks amazing. The player fittingly uses the lab as a Redstone testing world, and it has to be the most elaborate testing world ever created.

Minecraft is the definitive sandbox survival game where players use blocks to create anything from houses to sculptures to entire kingdoms. Over the years since the game”s release in 2009, players have become more creative with their builds, and have built some very breathtaking creations. Minecraft also allows for player to easily mod the software to enhance their gameplay and add new features to the game. However, some of the most impressive builds are the ones built in vanilla Minecraft.

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minecraft chemitry lab amazing
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Reddit user and YouTuber BeardyBlocks posted a screenshot of their chemistry lab to r/gaming which instantly gained a lot of attention. BeardyBlocks stated in their post that the lab was made in vanilla Minecraft with zero mods and that they use it to design their Redstone contraptions. Upon looking closely at the image, viewers start to get a sense of how massive the build actually is. Large Redstone machines can be seen on the back wall sitting on the bookshelves. The massive periodic table must be built with hundreds of thousands of blocks and a slightly slanted pixel rendition of BeardyBlocks” logo is hanging on the left-hand wall. The attention to detail in this build is incredible, and BeardyBlocks even stated that the analog clock on the wall actually functions.

In a recent YouTube video, BeardyBlocks gives a tour of some of the Redstone contraptions in their chemistry lab, and it really gives a sense of scale for everything pictured above. What”s even more interesting is that the Redstone contraptions that BeardyBlocks designs are not farms or other conventional uses of Redstone. They are all cosmetic machines that bring a player”s in-game home to life. Some of the machines shown include a fully-functional bathroom, a hot tub, and a fish tank that turns into a TV.

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While some players may not think it”s super impressive having been built in creative mode and not survival, the amount of work put in for a Redstone testing world is astounding. Most players who have a Redstone testing world will use a basic superflat world and build their machines willy-nilly, but BeardyBlocks has transformed their test world into a laboratory where science meets art. Although, it”s hard to say if you can call designing a Redstone toilet in Minecraft art.

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