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Ever since the inception of Minecraft over 10 years ago, exquisite mansions have remained one of the most popular and lucrative mid/end-game objectives among players.

Although mansions in Minecraft come in a variety of unique themes, styles, and dimensions, one specific design of mansion in the game is one with a sleek and modern design.

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Here is a step-by-step guide for building a modern mansion in Minecraft in 2021.

Building a modern mansion in Minecraft in 2021

Items required to build the modern mansion

  • x642 Oak Wood Planks
  • x388 Quartz Block
  • x220 Oak Slabs
  • x254 Blue Glass Pane
  • x124 Blue Glass Block
  • x12 Oak Door
  • x38 Oak Leaves
  • x46 Stone
  • x12 Oak Stairs
  • x12 Quartz Stairs
  • x7 Ladder

Dimensions of the modern mansion

This specific modern mansion design will be 16 blocks tall, 25 blocks long, and 20 blocks wide.

Players should make sure they have cleared out an area of an appropriate size in advance to avoid issues when building.

Step 1:

Players must first build a quartz rectangle foundation (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

The first step to building this fantastic modern Minecraft mansion is to assemble the quartz base foundation. This specific base is 20 blocks wide and nine blocks long.

Step 2:

Players must then form the outlines to the mansion (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

The next step in building the Minecraft mansion is to form the outlines, as seen in the image above. This specific design consists of an outline that is six blocks high and builds on from the base formed in step 1.

Step 3:

Now, the outline of the mansion must be filled in (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

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After the outline has been formed, it must be filled in with wood planks, as seen in the image above.

The contrast of wood next to quartz is a cheap, easy, and aesthetically pleasing look, but players can use any block they desire as a filler for their personal mansion build.

Step 4:

The upstairs structure must now be formed (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

Now, similar to the downstairs foundation, a similar upstairs formation must also be formed, as seen in the image above.

In this specific design, the upstairs structure is also six blocks tall.

Step 5:

The roof of the upstairs scaffold must now be filled in (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

After assembling the upstairs scaffolding structure, the roof must be filled in with the same block as used for filler in previous parts.

In the tutorial thus far, wood planks have consistently been used as a filler block.

Step 6:

The frontal design must now be formed (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

For step 6, players must build a structure at the front of the mansion similar to the one seen above. This will give the building a modern and sleek look that is unseen in other Minecraft mansion designs.

Step 7:

Players must now build the rooftop balcony of the mansion (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

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No Minecraft mansion worth its salt would be complete without a bountiful balcony harboring an epic view.

Players must now assemble a balcony on the roof of their current building, as seen in the image above. This rooftop balcony will extend over the front of the mansion.

Step 8:

The next step for players is to fill in the mansion with tinted windows (Image via YT, Greg Builds)

After assembling the rooftop balcony, players must now fill in the walls of the balcony with tinted glass.

This open window effect creates a modern and sleek look, which is also currently in fashion within real modern life architecture.

Step 9:

Decorative leaves and paths can be placed outside the Minecraft mansion building (Image by YT, Greg Builds)

Now that the majority of the Minecraft mansion build has been completed, players can add a spot of extra pizzaz to their new home.

Leaves can be placed throughout the exterior of the premises in order to create a look of neatly trimmed bushes, a characteristic look of any well-maintained residence.

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