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Secret bases in Minecraft are extremely useful for many reasons. Whether the player is in a single-player world or an anarchy PVP server, secret bases provide cover that non-hidden bases just don't.

Thus, many players look to build the most efficient secret bases that are available.

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Many Minecraft players have already discovered highly effective and concealed secret bases that will fool even the most sagacious players. Five of the best Minecraft secret bases will be discussed below.

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Top 5 secret bases available in Minecraft

#5 – Bed Base

Who would guess that there is a base behind this bed? (Image via Grian on YouTube)

The bed base is an absolutely amazing way to deceive players who are looking to loot a base.

As seen in the image above, a bed is placed between a one-by-two corridor and a base is placed behind this bed. When the player sleeps in the bed, they will spawn inside of the base.

Those who want their bed base to stay hidden only need to ensure that no one sleeps in their bed.

#4 – Hidden Piston Door

What the hidden piston door looks like before it is hidden (Image via Jankesaurous on YouTube)

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Hidden piston doors are an effective, yet cool way to hide a secret base.

These doors will require a redstone signal on a specific block, which can be activated with a button or lever. Buttons and levers can be removed once they are redundant to keep the base hidden.

This door works especially well to conceal a mountain base.

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#3 – Ol' Reliable

Two blocks of dirt (Image via Grian on YouTube)

While some secret bases have grandiose entrances, which are certainly cool, nothing can replace Ol' reliable.

All a player has to do is build an underground base and cover it with whatever blocks blend in with the environment. The only downside is that the player will have to break the blocks upon leaving and entering the base.

#2 – Underwater Base

A futuristic underwater base (Image via u/BamPlsPenetrateMe on Reddit)

Underwater bases are an extremely popular secret base technique for obvious reasons.

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Most oceans are absolutely massive, as well as usually unexplored. These factors allow players to make their underwater bases quite inconspicuous. The owner of the underwater base will just have to remember where the it was placed, and maybe even create a secret railway to travel to the base.

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#1 – Bedrock Base

A beautiful base found on the bedrock layer (Image via a deleted user on Reddit)

Although it will take some effort to travel to and from these ones, bedrock level bases are a great way to hide those valuable resources.

Since bedrock is very far from the surface (and is only getting deeper in Minecraft 1.18), it would be quite rare and unfortunate for a player to run into a secret base at the bedrock layer.

For those curious about more secret base designs, the above video by Grian shares ten secret base designs that may be interesting to the player.

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