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Enderman farms is the best in Minecraft for farming XP. Enderman drops about five XP orbs when killed by a player, which is one of the highest in the game. The amount of XP that is dropped along with the efficiency of Enderman farms are why a ton of players believe that they are the best for farming XP late game. This article will showcase an Enderman farm in Minecraft and how to build it.

How to build an enderman farm in Minecraft

Step #1 – Gather the required resources

  • 9 stacks of leaves
  • 20 ender pearls
  • 24 carpet
  • 8 fence
  • 12 slab
  • 4 rail
  • 1 minecart
  • 6 hopper
  • 2 chest
  • 6 torch
  • A water bucket
  • 2 stacks of cobblestone
  • Sword and armor
  • An elytra is recommended

Step #2 – Start to build the farm

Image via Minecraft

Players will need to place a water bucket at the edge of the end island and use leaves or cobblestone to follow the water stream down all the way to level 0.

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Image via Minecraft

Players will then need to build out about 200 blocks away from the end island. By doing this, players will maximize the Endermans spawns, making the farm more efficient.

Image via Youtube/Kelp

At the end of the 200 block line, players will need to create a platform that looks like the picture shown above. The platform is about 21×14. Players must also make sure that torches are placed in the middle on the cobblestone.

Image via Minecraft

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Players will now need to go back 18 blocks using leaves and start to create a platform as shown in the picture above. The stairs shown in the video are three blocks tall, and the cobblestone slab area is a 3×2 with hoppers going into a chest in front of it.

Image via Minecraft

Next, players will have to build three layers of leaves and carpet to match the picture shown above. Trapdoors must be placed at the top of the stairs as shown in the picture above.

Image via Minecraft

Finally, players will now have to spawn in an endermite using ender pearls and place it in a minecart as shown in the picture. Once that is complete, players will can remove the torches on the cobblestone part of the platform and Enderman will spawn in and run into the grinding area as they are hostile towards Endermites. Players must also make sure that the endermite is protected because sometimes the Enderman can kill it if it isn't positioned correctly.

Image via Minecraft

The final result should look something like this. Players will be able to get more than enough XP for enchanting or repairing anything in their Minecraft survival worlds.

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The farm shown in this article was made by a Youtuber called Kelp.

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