How To Build Glados In Minecraft, Build Your Own Animatronic Glados

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This was a lot of development and time, and it brings together several of my previous into one even better one. Lots of mods were made since their last “showcase”, so this isn”t just a series of repeats 😉


This is actually one of my previous designs (Not many people seem to know about it though, considering not many have seen it). I made it almost perfectly to scale, and it only takes 3 pieces.

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These are shrunken versions of my previous designs.

The turrets are 5″ tall, and their antennas take up 1″ of that, so I made my turrets 4″ tall.

Being made of “cheaper” pieces, they are also easier to mass produce, although getting them to fire is more of a challenge.


These are a completely new design, using bricks with studs on their sides as well as 1x2s with a hole in the middle. These can be slightly modified to fit onto GLaDOS”s body.


These were literally completely made of dollar tree parts. Yep.

I followed Minecraft”s example and did a sort of pixel-art block that vaguely resembles the cubes, and I think it looks nice =>


By far the largest and most complex part of this setup, she is perfectly to scale, and almost fully articulated (her neck hydraulics somewhat limit her up/down head motion).

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All specific details pertaining to individual parts will be in the above images with corresponding labels =>.

This setup is not at all hard to build if you have the pieces. The top is just a long piece made out of several long plates with a hole in the middle for the “spinny thing”.

I built a core receptacle, a button pedestal, and a 1500 Megawatt Supercolliding Superbutton, all of which are my rendition of the core transfer (Instead of blocking the pedestal, she “removes” the cube from arm”s reach). Everything has an apparent link to the middle area, where it appears the transfer would occur.

The walls are just strut pieces with platforms and bricks, with sideways jumper things to place portals. That”s it.

The bottom is even simpler: it”s just a 32×32 grey baseplate.

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Can anyone answer me something? Aside from the playability of the game, why doesn”t GLaDOS just body-slam you? You would think that a 2-ton robot made of car stuff would be able to easily crush a human.And before the morality core is mentioned, she does not have one in the second game.

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