Dota 2 is a game that’s almost a decade old (two if you count the Defense of the Ancients days). It’s a game that’s hallmarked with new strategies constantly being made, heroes becoming incredibly powerful due to recent buffs, and items becoming borderline overpowered when paired with the right hero. All of this is confusing to any new player. So, how exactly are you gonna help them play and enjoy Dota 2? Valve came up with a solution to help out players in Dota Plus.

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What is Dota Plus?


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There are a lot of good things that you can get from Dota Plus and we’ve already discussed them all. From the achievements tracker, new hero cosmetic skins, to even the seasonal arena changes and cool chat wheel responses, it has a lot of goodies for people to get while improving their play in the game.

There’s also the Plus Assistant, which helps you improve through the use of data collected from all the Dota players in the world. You can use the info on Plus Assistant to help you improve and get better in slaying your enemies in the game.

Unfortunately, some might consider this as a crutch due to how much the Plus Assistant helps players in their games. From item builds to hero picks, the Assistant helps players in creating the ideal situation for their team to win. However, this means that you can’t forge your own path with the hero you’re using. You can’t choose the role your hero will do in the match, buy the items to complement said role, and experiment with the possible scenarios that might occur if you’re performing the role in question. Your creativity will be more than hampered if you excessively depend on the Plus Assistant.

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Is It Worth It?

If you’re a new player who’s starting to dip their toes into the world of Dota 2, then Dota Plus is a great way to start. Even veterans can still find some joy and value in seeing how much you’ve come in playing your favorite heroes and getting cool rewards for doing so.

However, others don’t find it essential to enjoy the complex gameplay Dota 2 offers. They might even decide to go at the game with a fresh mindset and just grind their way to the top of the MMR ladder. So if you’re asking if Dota Plus is worth it, it’s really up to the user in question. Nothing more, nothing less.

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