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How to format your MOTD:
Option 1: Format using a MOTD generator like this one.  
Simply copy and paste the generated code to the MOTD setting to apply.

Option 2: Format it yourself by following this guide:
To format your MOTD, add one of the following color codes before the message. (Example: “u00A71Welcome to my server!” would output “Welcome to my server!”).
u00A70 – BLACK
u00A71 – DARK BLUE
u00A73 – DARK AQUA
u00A74 – DARK RED
u00A76 – GOLD
u00A77 – GRAY
u00A78 – DARK GRAY
u00A79 – INDIGO
u00A7a – GREEN
u00A7b – AQUA
u00A7c – RED
u00A7d – PINK
u00A7e – YELLOW
u00A7f – WHITE
u00A7k – Obfuscated
u00A7l – Bold
u00A7m – Strikethrough
u00A7n – Underline
u00A7o – Italic
u00A7r – Reset

– Next Line

How to change your server”s MOTD:
1. Log in to your wtbblue.com control panel.

2. Click File Manager then locate server.properties. Click Edit. 



Đang xem: How to change minecraft server description

Locate Message of the Day. Change the text accordingly. (check above on how to format your MOTD with colors, bold, and more).


4. Click Save.


5. Restart your server.


If any information you see here is outdated, please let us know by creating a support ticket. Thank you.

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