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I”ve got Version 1.10.2 and the resolution doesn”t change when I go into Fullscreen mode. My system resolution is 1920X1080, but full screen mode in MC looks like I just made the window bigger. Now in the past I haven”t had any problems with resolution, so I”m stuck. Is there any way to force MC to adopt the system resolution while in fullscreen mode? When I use OptiFine to adjust the resolution, it works on lower resolutions like 640X480, but not on higher resolutions like 1600X900 or 1920X1080. In short, OptiFine can make the resolution worse, but not better lol. It”s like MC can”t figure out that my display resolution is 1080P,So any suggestions guys? Oh, and I have a Nvidia 1080, if that helps. Thanks!
What resolution does the game say it”s running at in fullscreen mode? If it says 1080p, it”s running at 1080p. The GUI size scales with the resolution, so it”ll take up the same amount of space relative to the window size. It sounds like you want to change the GUI scale, which is an option in the video settings.

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Problem solved! One thing though, before this, the GUI scale always changed when I went full screen, kind of like the icons and everything get smaller and more defined when you have your desktop resolution at 1080P instead of 640X480. So how come it stopped changing suddenly? I set my GUI to Normal which solved the problem, but it was at Auto which, I think means that it changes automatically with windowed or fullscreen mode.
Auto scales the GUI with screen resolution, while the others keep it at a fixed size. For 1080p and 1440p, I like to keep it at normal, while for 4K, large is almost necessary.You may have reset your video settings somehow, which forced the default (auto).

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Try adjusting the settings. There might be an option saying “Open at 640×480” or something like that.
You sure? Right-click the Minecraft launcher and click “Properties”. Then go to the “Compatibility” tab. Then make sure “Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution” isn”t ticked.

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Oh, that. No that isn”t checked. I also tried editing the resolution in the launcher profile, but that doesn”t help either.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//

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