how to change sensitivity in minecraft”s user environment can be configured through the Options setting. A few additional options can be changed only by editing the options.txt file manually.

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1 Java Edition 1.1 Options 1.1.1 Skin Customization 1.1.2 Music & Sounds 1.1.3 Video Settings 1.1.4 Controls Mouse Settings 1.1.5 Language 1.1.6 Chat Settings 1.1.7 Resource Packs 1.1.8 Accessibility Settings 1.1.9 Server Options 2 Bedrock Edition 2.1 Accessibility 2.2 “PlayStation VR” Settings 2.3 Controls 2.3.1 Keyboard & Mouse 2.3.2 Controller/Wireless Controller 2.3.3 Touch 2.4 General 2.4.1 Profile 2.4.2 Video 2.4.3 VR 2.4.4 Audio 2.5 Global Resources 2.6 Storage 2.7 Language 3 Video 4 History 5 Gallery 5.1 Java Edition 6 See also 7 References

Java Edition < edit>

Options < edit>

Selecting Options brings up the main options page:

Setting Description Default FOV A value that controls how much of the game world is visible on the screen. Also known as Field of View.

In, the FOV value represents how many degrees of vertical vision the player gets without modifying effects such as sprinting, flying or status effects. Note that other games” FOV setting might represent different angles, meaning that using the same FOV value across different games can yield different results. The table below shows how”s FOV setting affects horizontal field of view in different display aspect ratios.

name Setting value
(vertical FOV) Resulting horizontal field of view 4:3
aspect ratio 16:9
aspect ratio 30° 39.3° 50.9° 40° 51.8° 65.8° 50° 63.7° 79.3° 60 75.2° 91.5° Normal 70 86.1° 102.4° 80 96.4° 112.3° 90 106.3° 121.3° 100 115.6° 129.5° Quake Pro 110 124.6° 137.0° Normal (70) Realms Notifications Toggles realms notifications.

Only visible from the main menu; the Difficutly option is shown instead when in a world or server.

ON Difficulty Set the difficulty level from the choice of Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. If the padlock is clicked and confirmed, the difficulty on that world cannot be changed without commands. (Note that the difficulty cannot be changed if playing Hardcore Mode. On a server, difficulty can be changed only by commands or editing the file.)

Only visible when in a world or server; the Realms Notifications option is shown instead when accessing from the main menu.

Varies on difficulty set on current world or server; defaults to Normal on Create New World screen. Skin Customization < edit> Skin Customization Setting Description Default Cape Toggles the cape. If set to off, the cape texture for wearing a pair of Elytra would also be deactivated. ON Jacket Toggles the body second layer. Left Sleeve Toggles the left arm second layer. Right Sleeve Toggles the right arm second layer. Left Pants Leg Toggles the left leg second layer. Right Pants Leg Toggles the right leg second layer. Hat Toggles the head second layer. Main Hand Switches the main hand, between left and right. Right Music & Sounds < edit> Sound Setting Description Default Master Volume The volume of all sounds. 100% Music The volume of gameplay music. Jukebox/Noteblocks The volume of music and sounds played from Jukeboxes and Note Blocks. Weather The volume of rain and thunder. Blocks The volume of blocks (anvils, chests, doors, etc.). Hostile Creatures The volume of hostile and neutral mobs. Friendly Creatures The volume of passive mobs. Players The volume of players (item plops, hurt sounds, etc.). Ambient/Environment The volume of Ambience, sound of entering/exiting water and fireworks. Voice/Speech The volume of speech in (for map makers) Show Subtitles Toggles subtitles. OFF Video Settings < edit> Video Setting Description Default Fullscreen Resolution Sets the resolution and framerate of the game when playing in fullscreen. Current Biome Blend Sets the distance of color transitions between biomes. 5×5 (Normal) Graphics Fabulous! graphics uses screen shaders for drawing weather, clouds and particles behind translucent blocks and water. This may severely impact performance for portable devices and 4K displays. Fancy enables higher quality graphic effects. Graphic effects include transparent leaves, increased rain particles, a black vignette around the screen in darker areas, and the world border red warning vignette effect.

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Fast disables those effects for better performance. Fancy Render Distance The render distance controls how many chunks of the world are visible at once. The fewer chunks that are included, the faster each frame can be rendered, resulting in higher frames per second (FPS). In single-player, this also affects the number of chunks that are ticked, so a lower value provides a higher FPS.

The most distant terrain is faded into the sky color as if by fog, to avoid a sharp edge to the visible world; so this option is also known as “fog”.

The maximum value is 32 for 64-bit Java installs with at least 1 gigabyte of memory, and 16 in all other cases.

Note: diameter = radius × 2 + 1

Name View distance (radius) Total count Blocks Chunks Sections 32 chunks (“Extreme”) 512 4225 67,600 31 chunks 496 3969 63,504 30 chunks 480 3721 59,536 29 chunks 464 3481 55,696 28 chunks 448 3249 51,984 27 chunks 432 3025 48,400 26 chunks 416 2809 44,944 25 chunks 400 2601 41,616 24 chunks 384 2401 38,416 23 chunks 368 2209 35,344 22 chunks 352 2025 32,400 21 chunks 336 1849 29,584 20 chunks 320 1681 26,896 19 chunks 304 1521 24,336 18 chunks 288 1369 21,904 17 chunks 272 1225 19,600 16 chunks (“Far”) 256 1089 17,424 15 chunks 240 961 15,376 14 chunks 224 841 13,456 13 chunks 208 729 11,664 12 chunks
(default for 64-bit) 192 625 10,000 11 chunks 176 529 8464 10 chunks 160 441 7056 9 chunks 144 361 5776 8 chunks
default for 32-bit) 128 289 4624 7 chunks 112 225 3600 6 chunks 96 169 2704 5 chunks 80 121 1936 4 chunks (“Short”) 64 81 1296 3 chunks 48 49 784 2 chunks (“Tiny”) 32 25 400 12 chunks (64‑bit Java)

8 chunks (32‑bit Java)

Smooth Lighting Lighting is smoothed across the blocks (ambient occlusion) or each block has a distinctive light level. This setting does not change the gameplay in any way, but it has a slight effect on performance. Maximum Max Framerate Limits the FPS. Limiting the framerate to a multiple of the player monitor”s refresh rate can save processing power. 120 fps Use VSync
VSync‌ Limits the player”s frames per second to the screen”s refresh rate, which is usually 60 Hz, 75 Hz, or 120 to 240 Hz on some gaming-targeted screens. Enabling VSync fixes tearing, but increases input latency and causes stuttering if one”s computer cannot draw enough frames per second. ON View Bobbing Toggles the “bobbing” motion of the camera as the player is walking. Disabling it may increase performance. ON GUI Scale Controls the GUI (Graphical User Interface) scale. This also controls the HUD (Heads Up Display) size. Note that the options available to the player depends on the game resolution. A GUI scale of 4 is avaiable only at resolutions of 1280×960 or higher, a GUI scale of 3 is available only at resolutions of 960×720 or higher, a GUI scale of 2 is available only at resolutions of 640×480 or higher, a GUI scale of 1 is properly scaled up until a window resolution of 310×250 but smaller resolutions under can cause elements to run offscreen. Auto sets the GUI scale to the highest value available for the current resolution. Auto Attack Indicator OFF No attack indicator renders. Crosshair A little gray translucent bar appears below the crosshair displaying attack power. Hotbar A little gray sword bar appears on the side of the hotbar (on the same side as the player”s main hand) displaying attack power. Crosshair Brightness Dims down or lights up the game”s surfaces, even if fully dark. It has no effect on gameplay, it is a visual effect. Works in any dimension and affects the Night Vision status effect. Moody Clouds Fancy causes the clouds to be rendered in 3D. Fast causes the clouds to be rendered flat. OFF causes no clouds to be rendered. Fancy Fullscreen Puts into Fullscreen mode, keeping it off keeps it in a window. Can also be changed with F11. OFF Particles All allows all particles. Decreased reduces the amount of particles for some particle events. Minimal reduces particles further and disables some non-essential particles. All Mipmap Levels The higher the level, the more the textures look “smooth”. See File:Mipmap comparison.png for a comparison of the four mipmap levels and without mipmap. 4 Entity Shadows Determines whether entities display simple shadows. ON Distortion Effects Changes the distortion effects (e.g. Nausea and nether portal distortion). 100% Entity Distance Adjusts the distance that entities can be seen as a percentage of 160 blocks. Name Entity distance (radius) Blocks Chunks 50% 80 5 75% 120 8 100%
(default) 160 10 125% 180 12 150% 220 14 175% 240 15 200% 280 18 225% 360 23 250% 400 25 275% 440 28 300% 480 30 325% 520 32[a] 350% 560 35 375% 600 38 400% 640 40 425% 680 43 450% 720 45 475% 760 48 500% 800 50

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