Noob Question How To Change Spec Wow, Specialization

Following the latest development update on Conduits, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas clarified on Twitter that Conduits will be static and won”t change based on your specialization.

Đang xem: How to change spec wow

Let”s say you main a Protection Paladin and decide to switch to Retribution. Based on what Ion said, there will be no separate loadouts for specs when it comes to Conduits, although you will be able to collect and permanently add them to your collection, just like Essences.

You will be able to use Conduits to build a set of Soulbind paths for your character and change these every week.

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Ion also mentioned that if a specific Soulbinds feels like the only viable option for multiple roles/specs, then, they must balance it out properly.

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Whisla 74


Whisla 74

MarshalMembers 74146 posts
Posted July 29, 2020

This weekly reset thing seems like a really bad idea. I do not understand how blizzard keeps falling into time gates for letting people play content they want. Like if you play all the content on 1 character why should you be punished and unable to switch conduits and cov abilities every time you want to switch rolls or go into a arena, bg, dungeon or raid….

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Pommespresse 1


Pommespresse 1

PeonMembers 16 posts
Posted July 30, 2020(edited)

Oh boy. 

I guess playing my hunter (and if at all just switch between BM and SV…or just stay BM or switch to MM and stay in this spec…whatever suits me in this addon) won”t be affected this much, as it is a dps-only class. Switching your soulbind might be just fine and adequate. 

But reading this and thinking of playing my paladin, my monk or my druid (and I literally don”t have much more characters I play…because why, after all they can fill all roles) just makes me think “Why you do this to me Ion? Why? ?” 

Hybrid classes will be restricted by this too much I think. It is just not possible that every conduit setting works perfect for all specs of a hybrid class, at least I cannot imagine this will work ingame. 

Switching only once per week seems also very strange to me. A bit of a rare occasion. 

Blizzard could at least give an option like trait reforging in BFA (with increasing costs).

There is a reason why ppl play hybrid classes, especially in PvE content and in guilds. It makes them flexible and increases their ability to make an impact in a guild or raidgroup. 

Hunter is my main and with this kind of system that little bloodelf lady has nothing to fear that this could change at all (sry to my hybrid alts). 

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