How To Change The Climate In Minecraft, Is There A Way To Change The Weather In Minecraft

I think this command would be really useful for mapmaking, and provides an alternative to using worldedit and things like that. This would be super useful if you wanted to create a biome somewhere, or simply change the colour of the grass in your area.

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This would be very useful especially, since my friends make maps and the biome is defaulted as the_void and its a pain to have to get world edit to be able to do it.

Maybe /setbiome fill x1 z1 x2 z2 would simply set the biome in the specified area and /setbiome replace x1 z1 would change the biome that includes the point of x1, z1.

It is so annoying for me, Im on a wild west server we are building and I”ve terraformed lots of land to desert and we had to disable weather so it didnt snow and we cant build rivers some places because they freeze over. I wish you could just change one areas biomes weather. its just one value isnt it?

Instead of a command, maybe a creative only item would be useful as you could have certain buttons activate certain menus so that no one changing is easier

Uh, this would only work if it was:

/fillbiome x1 z1 x2 z2


Filling is way faster than can only work biome in columns at the moment.

/setbiome should be able to include a radius argument and /fillbiome should change the defined box, maybe also include some sort of blending command to soften the borders between biomes for a more natural look.

I need it, im map maker and i hate some things about flat worlds, example:- no snowing- only one grass color- only plains mob type spawning (like rabits)And more, this command its realy neededPLEASE VOTE IT

instead of having an entire rectangular area to be affected, it would be better to add something like this:

/setbiome jungle x1 z1 x2 z2 x3 z3….

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Yes please! I”m starting to work on mapmaking and I would like to be able to change the grass color and the weather in places. This would help me so much since I don”t use mods! Even just as a builder this would be helpful!

I like the idea but would be better if it was /setbiome {BiomeID} instead of /setbiome {BiomeID} so you can choose a specific area instead of having to change the whole biome. I am also thinking of /setbiome {BiomeID} replace {BiomeID} as well so if you choose a large area and simply want to replace one biome to another you can use that attribute on top of that, but if you simply want to select an area, you just do /setbiome {BiomeID}

NewtonIsKing2 commented
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April 15, 2019 04:57 Report Comment

It would also be very good to create end biomes and nether biomes in the over world or making more than 1 biome in superflat by using /setbiome {BiomeID} or /setbiome End or /setbiome Nether

tintin10q commented
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April 17, 2019 09:50 Report Comment

We need this but in the form /fillbiome biometype

cheesy catman commented
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April 24, 2019 14:54 Report Comment

i think the command should be setup like this:

/setbiome (radius) (biome) (combinedata: true/false)

so like this:

/setbiome 30 taiga true

(Cobine data is like if your changing a desert to snow biome, if the data is set to true, it will snow. if set to false, it wont rain at all because it still has the data of the desert biome. make sense? thats what i thought lol.

AudibleFrog4760 commented
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April 26, 2019 00:21 Report Comment

Yes but change the command to this so we can do more than one block at a time

/setbiome ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WardedCosine31 commented
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April 26, 2019 16:47 Report Comment

How about a tool too? You use it as a pointer for where you want to change the Biome, you click on the ground with the tool where you want to change the Biome from and then another that would be the end of where you want to change the Biome to, you can also do it with like multiple points like a square would have 4 points to change the Biome in or you can just do any shape you want and however big you want the Biome to be, hope you get what I’m saying

Pascal Anema commented
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April 29, 2019 12:18 Report Comment

This would have to be alligned with chunks rather than blocks, because biomes are stored per chunk in the world files.

So it could be:

/setbiome ~ ~ ~

where ~ ~ ~ can beany block inside the chunk that you want to change, and the set biome would be a random variant unless the variant parameter is specified.

This could also be with some additional tweaks to make it easier to set a large area for one biome type:

/setbiome from to


/setbiome at

The “from to” command will fill an area with the specified biome type (and randomise different variants if the variant is not specified) and the “at” command will set the specified biome type for the chunk the specified coördinates are in.

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For people worrying that the /setbiome ~ ~ ~ command that Luca Searle suggests will only “setblock” for a biome:

– this isimpossible, any kind of /setbiome command willalways beper chunk andnot per block.


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