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This article is about the message on the menu screen. For information shown when loading worlds, see Loading tips. For the potion, see Splash Potion.

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Splash texts are the yellow lines of text on the title screen. They are randomly chosen from the list below and often feature references to popular culture (e.g. websites, quotes and video games). The splash pulsates on the title screen twice per second.

Splash texts are not translated and appear the same regardless of the language setting chosen. In Java Edition, the splashes are defined in a plain-text file within the wtbblue.com.jar file (specifically, in version.jar/assets/wtbblue.com/texts/splashes.txt). In Bedrock Edition, the splashes are defined in a .json file.Splashes can be modified by editing the splashes.txt file via a resource pack.

#Splash textExplanationVersion addedJEBE402
















































































































































#wtbblue.comfarms A hashtag Felix Jones wanted to get trending.<1> 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.100(beta
…! Alpha v1.0.14
.party()! .party() was a party hosted at PAX that Notch hosted 1.3.1(1.3-pre)
1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.0(beta
PLAYERNAME> IS YOU A reference to indie puzzle game Baba Is You, which centers around forming X> is Y> sentences to manipulate the “rules”. This splash is currently the only splash that does not exist in the splashes.txt file. The player”s name is entirely capitalized as well. 1.14(19w12a)
1% sugar! “Sugar-free” is frequently used in food-related advertisements and packaging. Before wtbblue.com 1.9, this splash read “0% sugar!”. Additionally, sugar is available as an item. Alpha v1.0.0
100% pure! A reference to some juices that use “100% pure” or a variant thereof as a selling point.<2> Indev ?
10 years of Mining and Crafting! Added on wtbblue.com’s tenth anniversary. 1.14.1
12 herbs and spices! A parody of KFC”s secret chicken flavoring recipe containing 11 herbs and spices. Indev
12345 is a bad password! 12345 is an easily guessable password. Alpha v1.0.14
150 bpm for 400000 minutes! This is a reference to pregnancy: 400,000 minutes is approximately 9 months and 150 BPM is the average fetal heart rate. If BPM is instead interpreted as “blocks per minute”, this would equal 60 million, the maximum size of a Java Edition world. However, this appears to just be a coincidence, as the fixed world border was not added until 1.7.2, nearly two years after this splash. 1.0.0(RC1)
150% hyperbole! A hyperbole is an exaggeration used to generate emphasis or humor. 150% is, naturally, an exaggeration. Alpha v1.0.0
20 GOTO 10! Refers to BASIC. When executed, this line would create an infinite loop, continuously re-executing whatever instruction was on line 10 (usually a PRINT statement). Alpha v1.0.0
4815162342 lines of code! 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 are The Numbers that appear all over the television series Lost. Alpha v1.0.0
90% bug free! Indev
90210! 90210 is famous for being the ZIP Code for Beverly Hills, California. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
A skeleton popped out! Reference to the “AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT” trollpasta<3> Alpha v1.0.0
Absolutely fixed relatively broken coordinates Changelog in blog post for snapshot 16w20a contains puns about fixing broken absolute and relative coordinates. 1.10(16w21b)
Absolutely no memes! Indev
Afraid of the big, black bat! A quote from The Riddler in the film Batman Forever: “Riddle me this, riddle me that, who”s afraid of the big, black bat?” Also, could be a reference to the ender dragon, as this splash was added around the same time. 1.0.0(RC1)
Age of Wonders is better! Age of Wonders is a PC turn-based strategy game. It is often to be compared with “Civilization”, which is also a turn-based strategy game. Indev v0.7.3 alpha
Ahhhhhh! 1.14(19w13a) 1.12.0(beta
All inclusive! Indev
All is full of love! “All Is Full of Love” is a song by Icelandic singer Björk. Alpha v1.0.0
All rumors are true! Reference to a tweet by Michael Stoyke teasing the 18w20a snapshot. 1.13(18w20b)
“Almost never” is an interesting concept! Possible reference to the inverse of the mathematical concept of “Almost surely”. Beta 1.0
Also try Braid! Braid is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on time manipulation. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try Limbo! Limbo is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on avoiding ingenious traps. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try wtbblue.com Dungeons! Reference to the spin-off game. 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.100(beta
Also try Mount And Blade! Mount&Blade is a medieval-themed RPG for Microsoft Windows. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try Pixeljunk Shooter! PixelJunk Shooter is a 2D shooter that is available only on the PlayStation 3. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try Project Zomboid! Project Zomboid is a zombie apocalypse-themed game. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try Super Meat Boy! Super Meat Boy is a 2D platformer game based on difficult levels. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try Terraria! Terraria is a 2D side-scroller game with a similar premise to wtbblue.com. Terraria features title messages similar to splashes; one of the messages reads “Also try wtbblue.com!”. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try VVVVVV! VVVVVV is a 2D puzzle-platformer game based on gravity manipulation. Both it and wtbblue.com were included in the Humble Indie Bundle 3. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Also try World of Goo! World of Goo is a 2D physics-based puzzle game. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Amplify and listen to BIPOC voices! Statement in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. 1.16.2 (launcher update)1.16.4 (pre2) (game update) 1.16.100(beta
An illusion! What are you hiding? Reference to a World of Warcraft meme (goes together with splash 356). It is also a reference to the 17w16a blog post on wtbblue.com.net for the illusioner addition, saying “An Illusioner! What are you hiding?”.<4> 1.12(1.12-pre7)
And my pickaxe! From a quote by the dwarf Gimli in the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: “And my axe!” References the pickaxe, one of the most iconic items in the game. 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.100(beta
Any computer is a laptop if you”re brave enough! 1.8(1.8-pre1)
A riddle, wrapped in a mystery! From a quote by Winston Churchill; “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. Beta 1.0
As seen on TV! A common marketing claim that is often lampooned. Indev ?
Ask your doctor! Similar to “As seen on TV”, said at some point in almost every pharmaceutical advertisement. Indev
“Autological” is! An Autological word is a word that describes itself. Prior to wtbblue.com 1.0 RC1, this read “”Noun” is an autonym!”. Beta 1.0
Autonomous! Alpha v1.0.14
Awesome community! Indev ?
Awesome game design right there! A reference to the video “Random Changes and Bad Game Design” by the YouTuber _MethodZz_, where he repeatedly uses this phrase while demonstrating several bugs in Java Edition 1.14. 1.14(1.14.1-pre1)
Awesome! Indev ?
Aww man! A reference to the “Creeper, aww man” meme, originating from CaptainSparklez” wtbblue.com parody song, Revenge.<5> 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.100(beta
Be anti-racist! Statement in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. 1.16.2 (launcher update)1.16.4 (pre2) (game update) 1.16.100(beta
Bees, bees, bees, bees! A line from one of Weebl”s works, “cup”. Predates the addition of bees. Alpha v1.0.14
Bekarton guards the gate! A reference to Bekarton the Gatekeeper, a character in Jeb”s game Whispers in Akarra. 1.3.1(12w22a)
Best in class! A frequently-used catchphrase in car commercials. Indev ?
Big Pointy Teeth! “Big Pointy Teeth” is the name of a rabbit in Jeb”s game Whispers in Akarra – this is a reference to a quote made by Tim the Enchanter from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail describing the Rabbit as a terrible beast with “nasty, big, pointy teeth!”<6> 1.3.1(12w22a)
Bigger than a bread box! Refers to a question asked by Steve Allen, “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”, during a game of 20 Questions on What”s My Line?. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Black lives matter! Statement in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. 1.16.2 (launcher update)1.16.4 (pre2) (game update) 1.16.100(beta
Blue warrior shot the food! Refers to a line in the arcade game Gauntlet. 1.8(14w20a)
Boats FTW 1.10(16w21b)
Boots with the fur! Line from the song “Low” by Flo Rida, featuring T-Pain. 1.0.0(RC1)
Bread is pain! This splash has two meanings: one related to translation (“pain” is French for “bread”), and one ironic (bread in wtbblue.com heals the player). Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Bring it on! Indev
Bring me Ray Cokes! Notch was a big fan of Ray Cokes and used to enjoy it when he was little. Alpha v1.0.0
Bringing home the bacon! “Bringing home the bacon” is a phrase that, similar to “breadwinner”, refers to providing for a group of people or household. Indev
BTAF used to be good! Bob the Angry Flower is a comic strip that has been running since 1992. Alpha v1.0.0
Buckets of lava! A bucket may be filled with lava. Alpha v1.0.0
Bushy eyebrows! Reference to the nickname given to Rock Lee by Naruto in the Naruto Manga. 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.0(beta
Buzzy Bees! Name of the Java Edition 1.15 update.

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Call your mother! Indev
Casual gaming! Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Ceci n”est pas une title screen! “Ceci n”est pas une” is French for “This is not a”; the phrase refers to The Treachery of Images (La trahison des images), a painting by the Belgian René Magritte, which depicts a pipe with the sentence “Ceci n”est pas une pipe.” (“This is not a pipe.”) written beneath it. The all-French version of this splash would be; “Ceci n”est pas un texte d”accueil!” Indev
Check it out! Indev ?
Check out the far lands! The Far Lands were the “limit” of the infinite map, until Notch accidentally fixed them in Beta 1.8. Ironically, this splash was added to the game after the Far Lands were fixed. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Child”s play! A phrase used to imply something is easy, just like how wtbblue.com is easy to play. 1.0.0(RC1)
Classy! Indev ?
Closed source! wtbblue.com is currently closed-source proprietary software, meaning the source code has not been publicly released. However, Notch mentioned this could change “once sales start dying and a minimum time has passed”, at which point he would “possibly release it all as public domain”.<7> Indev ?
Cloud computing! Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. Indev
Cogito ergo sum! Latin for “I think, therefore I am.” A quote from René Descartes. Alpha v1.0.0 v0.9.2 alpha
Collaborate and listen! Lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby” by American rapper Vanilla Ice. Alpha v1.0.0
Colormatic This splash is stored as “§1C§2o§3l§4o§5r§6m§7a§8t§9i§ac” in splashes.txt; the “§” and the character following are color codes that determine the color of the text following the code. 1.1(11w50a)
Complex cellular automata! Both wtbblue.com and an earlier work of Notch”s feature cellular automata; Notch has stated that he is fascinated by it. Indev
Consummate V”s! Refers to an episode of Homestar Runner. Alpha v1.0.11
Conventional! 1.0.0(RC1)
Cough or sneeze into your elbow! Coughing or sneezing into your elbow helps to mitigate the spread of germs. Related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 1.16(1.16-rc1)
Cow Tools! Refers to a Far Side comic by Gary Larson. Alpha v1.0.11
Create! Indev ?
Cruising streets for gold! Line from the song “Americano” by “The Brian Setzer Orchestra”.<8> 1.8(14w25a)
Cześć Polsko! Polish for “Hello, Poland!”. Before 1.3.2 Pre-release, the splash was “Cześć Polska”. 1.1(11w50a)
Déjà vu! Déjà vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation. 1.0.0(RC1)
Do it all, everything! 1.8.2
Do not distribute! Part of the wtbblue.com terms and conditions;<9> referred to as “The one major rule” by Notch. Alpha v1.0.0
Do you want to join my server? Relates to people in the community asking others to join their multiplayer servers. 1.8(14w05a)
Does barrel rolls! Refers to a move that can be performed by the Arwing in Star Fox games. In Star Fox 64, the humorous way in which Peppy Hare said “Do a barrel roll!” led to the creation of a meme. 1.0.0(RC1)
Doesn”t avoid double negatives! A double negative is where two forms of negation are used in the same sentence. This sentence itself uses double negatives. 1.0.0(RC1)
Doesn”t use the U-word! 1.0.0(RC1)
Don”t bother with the clones! Relates to the numerous “clones” of wtbblue.com, such as Total Miner: Forge, and perhaps an ironic reference to the fact that wtbblue.com conceptually is itself a “clone” of Infiniminer, and therefore clones might not be negative remakes of other games. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Don”t feed avocados to parrots! Avocados are poisonous to birds. This splash predates the parrot mob (a similar situation happened regarding music and axolotls). 1.3.1(1.3)
Don”t feed chocolate to parrots! Chocolate is poisonous to birds, so feeding a cookie to an in-game parrot mob kills it instantly.This splash was added during the same development updates as the parrot mob. 1.12(17w15a)
Don”t look directly at the bugs! Alpha v1.2.0
Don’t touch your face! Avoiding contact with your face can help mitigate the spread of germs. Related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 1.16(1.16-rc1)
Don’t worry, be happy! “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is a song by American jazz artist Bobby McFerrin. 1.14(19w13a) 1.12.0(beta
doot doot “doot-doot, thank mr skeltal” is a phrase related to the “skull trumpet” meme.<10><11> The splash was added at the time skeleton trap horses were added to the game. 1.9(15w38b)
Double buffered! A common screen rendering technique that wtbblue.com uses. Alpha v1.0.11
DRR! DRR! DRR! Refers to the horror manga short story The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Alpha v1.0.14 v0.9.2 alpha
Dungeon! Indev ?
DungeonQuest is unfair! DungeonQuest is a board game whose gameplay relies on the players creating the playing board by randomly selecting tiles and placing them on a grid. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Edit is a name! Edit is Scandinavian derivative of the English name Edith. 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.0(beta
Educate your friends on anti-racism! Statement in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. 1.16.2 (launcher update)1.16.4 (pre2) (game update) 1.16.100(beta
Engage! Refers to the Star Trek saying “Engage!” by Jean-Luc Picard, a signal to act on previously given orders. Alpha v1.0.14
Enhanced! Indev
Envision! Create! Share! May be a reference to Scratch”s motto, “Imagine, Program, Share” 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.100(beta
Eple (original edit)! Title of a piece by Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp. Alpha v1.0.16
Euclidian! wtbblue.com worlds are mostly made up of one of the simplest forms of Euclidian geometry, the cube. Indev
Everybody do the Leif! “Leif” is a Scandinavian term that means “beloved.” 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.0(beta
Excitement! Indev v0.9.2 alpha
Exclusive! Indev ?
Exploding creepers! Reference to the beloved creeper in the game. Indev ?
Extra things! 1.8(14w05a)
Fabulous graphics! Refers to the “Fabulous!” graphics setting. 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.100(beta
Falling off cliffs! Often happened accidentally before sneaking was implemented. Alpha v1.0.0
Falling with style! Said to Sheriff Woody by Buzz Lightyear in the 1995 film Toy Story, “This isn”t flying, this is falling with style!”. Added soon after elytra were added to the game. 1.9(15w42a)
Fan fiction! Alpha v1.0.11
Fantasy! Alpha v1.0.14
Fat free! Often an advertising point on food, directed at people attempting to lose or keep from gaining weight. Indev
Feature packed! 1.0.0(RC1)
Finally complete! A reference to the fact that wtbblue.com has finally left Beta. While it may have been “officially released”, it is (in reality) far from “complete” and continually being developed.<12> 1.0.0(RC1)
Finally with ladders! Ladders were added to the game in Infdev. Alpha v1.2.0
Find your claw! 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.0(beta
Finger-licking! “Finger-lickin” good” is a slogan of KFC. Alpha v1.0.0
Flashing letters! Referring to the flashing of the splash text itself. Indev v0.12.1 alpha
Flavor with no seasoning! Line from the song “Just Don”t Give” by Eminem. 1.8(14w25a)
Flaxkikare! A reference to Bobo, a children”s comic created by Swedish cartoonist Lars Mortimer, in which the title character had a magical spyglass called the Flaxkikare, which can be translated to English as “lucky spyglass” or “happiness/flash telescope”. Alpha v1.0.14
Fnord! Fnord is the typographic representation of disinformation or irrelevant information. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Follow the train, CJ! A reference to the mission “Wrong Side Of The Tracks” in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Beta 1.8(Pre-release)
Freaky! Indev v0.7.3 alpha
Free dental! Free dental is often a talking point about a job advertisement, and is similar to “As seen on TV”. Indev
From free range developers! Reference to farm animals (particularly chickens) being raised “free-range,” with space to roam freely without cages. 1.16(1.16-rc1) 1.16.0(beta
From the streets of Södermalm! Södermalm is the district in Stockholm where Mojang Studios” offices are located.<13> 1.0.0(RC1)
Full of stars! Part of a quote from Dr. David Bowman (“The thing”s hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it”s full of stars!”) and his last line before being pulled through the monolith, from the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey (while often attributed to the film of the same name, the line does not actually appear on-screen until its sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact). However, wtbblue.com is full of stars. They are square pixels on the screen that appear at nighttime. Alpha v1.0.0
Funk soul brother! A repeated lyric in a vocal sample in the Fatboy Slim song “The Rockafeller Skank”. The sample comes from the beginning of the song “Vinyl Dog Vibe” by Vinyl Dogs. 1.0.0(RC1)
FUNKY LOL (Obfuscated) This splash is stored as “§kFUNKY LOL” in splashes.txt; as with the “Colormatic” splash, the “§k” is a formatting code, but instead of changing the color of the following text, the code obfuscates the text, replacing it with random, rapidly-changing characters. 1.1(11w50a)
Gamers unite – separately in your own homes! Playing multiplayer games separately helps maintain social distancing. Related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 1.16(1.16-rc1)
Gargamel plays it! Gargamel is the main antagonist of The Smurfs.

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Alpha v1.0.0
Gasp! Alpha v1.0.14
Ghoughpteighbteau tchoghs! “Potato chips”, spelled phonetically using obscure rules of English pronunciation.<14> 1.0.0(RC1)

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