How To Change Your Name Color In Minecraft Multiplayer, Minecraft Color Codes

I have been recently searching for a way to change a player”s name color in version 1.12 (above the player, in scoreboards and in chat), and I have found many answers on forums offering to use a /nick command, but that is available only when using a mod.

Đang xem: How to change your name color in minecraft multiplayer

I have heard that this is possible with the /scoreboard command, but I haven”t figured out how.

Is there any way to change the color of a player”s name in Vanilla Minecraft version 1.12?


Not sure if this still works but yes, you”re right. Using /scoreboard teams add {{YOUR TEAM NAME}} & then /scoreboard teams option {{YOUR TEAM NAME}} color {{COLOR}} should turn your name to your chosen color.

If you”re having trouble finding exact color names, I”ve grabbed a quick list of them from the minecraft wiki.

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By the way, the only place you would use /nick would be in a server that has the plugin.



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