You joined Tinder to meet people (and if you followed my Tinder Guide) you’re getting dates.

Đang xem: How to change your name on tinder

But maybe you’re concerned with Tinder selling information or you just want to hide your personal information.

Either way, you’ve realized that you’re unable to change your age on tinder or your name.

Don’t worry.

This article will give you 2 easy methods to change your name on Tinder.

So let’s get started.

If you navigate to the official Tinder help forum on how to change your name on Tinder, you’ll see that once the account has been created, you can’t change the name.

More or less, the only way to change the name on Tinder is by creating an entirely new account.

That doesn’t seem like the worst thing but it means you have to lose all your current data, including matches, messages, and likes.

You’ll also lose any traction that the Tinder Algorithm has built up for you.

This is because if you are creating a new account, you will have to delete the account that you currently have.

(Unless you do a workaround by creating a fake account which — yeah, kind of makes sense. Though in my own experience, Tinder usually catches on and deletes it.)

Anyway, here’s the process to delete your Tinder account:


Open Tinder app on your device.

Click on the profile button at the top left corner.

Click on settings

Scroll to the bottom where you will find the option to delete your account.

Click on it and tell tinder why you wish to delete it.


2 Ways to Change Your Name on Tinder

The Tinder app has privacy policies in place which do not allow any user to change their name once they have created the account.

Why? To stop fake accounts and bots.

(And probably to have accurate information about you to sell…)

It’s pretty fair that you should have control over what name you have on your Tinder profile – as much as the C-Levels at Match Group don’t want you to.

You might have a close family member using Tinder and you don’t want them to know you use it too.

Or you’re creating a fake account to split test your profile.

So here are two ways you can change your name on Tinder – though keep in mind both methods require a Facebook account.

And the Bad News

If you have joined tinder using your mobile number then I’ve got some bad news.

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There is no other way of changing your name other than deleting the current tinder account and making a new one.

For this, you would have to forego your current matches, likes, and messages.

And then you can make a new Tinder account with the changed name using your phone number again or using the second method we will be discussing shortly.

Let’s see how it’s done.


If you are a new user, then the only way to register on Tinder is via the phone number or by linking your Facebook account.

If you have registered your Facebook account with your tinder account, then the only way to change your name on tinder is by changing the Facebook name.

The reason behind this is that tinder pulls all your basic information, including name, age, date of birth, & more from the Facebook account that you link with it.

As a result, the name that appears on your Facebook is the same name on Tinder.

Now to change your name on tinder: You simply have to change your Facebook name.

Here’s how to do that:

Step 1 – Open Facebook

The first step requires you to open your Facebook account.

You can do this by opening it on the web browser or your smartphone.

Whether you use the browser on the computer or the Facebook app on your smartphone, the navigation is the same.

However, the relevant options will be in different locations depending on whether you are on iOS, Android, or macOS/Windows.

Step 2 – Open the Menu Bar

Once you have opened the Facebook account, navigate to the menu bar.

This menu bar is located on the bottom right corner of the Facebook app for iOS.

For the Facebook app on Android, the menu bar option is located on the top right corner.


And for Windows/macOS, the menu bar option is presented in icon form on the right of the notification icon.

Whichever device you are on, click on the menu bar and a new window with options will appear.

Step 3 – Click Settings & Privacy

Navigate to the Settings & Privacy option which appears on the new window that opened after the second step.

Click on this and a new window with sub-menus will appear in front of you.

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Step 4 – Open Settings

From the new menu of options, navigate to Settings as this is where you can change the name on tinder.

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